Things turn out badly for Nitori who is now picked on at school and labeled as a ‘freak’. All of Nitori’s friends try to help him out by defending him against those who speak badly of him. However for a little bit he had stopped going to school altogether like his sister due to how things turned out. His family on the other hand, his mother came to her own conclusion and decided to dump the blame on Maho having a bad influence on her brother. Their father on the other hand, isn’t disturbed and doesn’t blame anyone.

So things did turn out ugly and rather than focusing on the school picking on Nitori everything jumped so that we can understand how everyone is coping with this turn of events.
Nitori’s father, I have so much respect for him. The way he responded was much better than the mother who decided to force the blame on Maho being a ‘bad influence’ because she used to dress him up as a girl when he was little.
Another thing I like is that while Maho is upset about all this, she’s frustrated and hates to see that her brother is being laughed at, a side of her which we really haven’t  been able to see till now. I also love her boyfriend Seya, who has been so supportive and not against Nitori’s actions and is concerned for him as well.
Then we got Kanako who tried her best (as the only main friend of their group in Nitori’s class) to have the class avoid the gender bender play, fearing that he will only be targeted even more. Another thing she had mentioned was that she wished that Nitori had the chance to act in the play last time. Tataksuki on the other hand thinks this might a good opportunity, and if anyone tries to target him anymore, she’ll beat them up. However by the look of it, I’m getting the feeling that Nitori won’t be participating in the play (unless something were to happen) since everyone is calling him the ‘Director’, which could possibly lead him back to being the narrator – I’m not entirely sure myself.
And finally, Nitori. I want to give him a big hug for one, having to put up with all this crap when he was only trying to be true to himself and second, speaking up for himself and finally told Doi to basically get out of his sight using the strong word known as, ‘hate‘. Last but not least, Nitori looks damn fine with his hair growing out the way it is. I’m loving it! It’s also interesting to see that he is now taller than his sister.
Oh yeah and I almost forgot to mention about Anna. It’s too bad that they broke up, but really there wasn’t any real romance between them and were really just better off being friends (which they are in title, back to). She’s having a hard time herself by like I had predicted is concerned about Nitori’s well-being.


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