Hourou Musuko Episode 7

Nitori comes to have to deal with everyone’s worst nightmare – pimples. He asks Anna for advice since his sister refuses to do so. One day while hanging out with Anna at the karaoke bar he confesses that he likes her and asks her if she would like to go out with him – and she agrees. However in the mean time Takatsuki and Chiba have a hard time gripping to this fact and Nitori’s relationship with Takatsuki grows awkward and distance while Chiba stays home heartbroken.

Okay that was rather unexpected that Nitori fell in love with Anna and asked her out. I wasn’t surprised that she accepted (or so it seems) although it doesn’t quite seem like it’s official, those two are in a relationship one way or another. Speaking of Anna, yes she has very strange tastes for things that she considers ‘cute’.  It was interesting to see Takatsuki rather jealous, break Chiba’s heart and then finally try and make up with her. As for Chiba, poor girl. She’s feeling miserable to the point that she wants to quit school. Hopefully this turn of events will have her and Takatsuki get on better terms.
Lastly, Poor Nitori has those annoying pimples, I don’t blame him for being fed up with them.
As for the fact (though I did not mention this in the summary) both Nitori and Chiba are now in the Drama Club, things are probably going to get super awaked, and I’m pretty sure that Chiba might even go as far as quitting it.


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  1. While Anna does have odd taste, I think the scenes in this episode were also meant to show that Shuu did not really know that much about her personally before he asked her out.

    1. Yeah it was basically showing him a new side of her, that happens to be pretty sweet. <3

      1. One of the things that is mentioned in the manga but was not stressed in the show is that Anna has a “devilish” image in her modeling career while Maiko has a pure image, but in reality the two are flipped with Anna being modest and shy and Maiko being devilish to an almost ojou-sama level.

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