Hourou Musuko Episode 9

Nitori can’t get the thought out of his head of Tataksuki dressing up as a boy and being able to go to school like that. Deep within his heart, he desires to attend school as a girl. He grants Doi’s request by revealing by letting him come over and show him what he looks like dressed up as a girl. Doi confesses that he looked cute and suggests that he should go to school like that. From that moment on, Nitori grows more conflicted, unsure whether he should do so or not. He confronts Chii for her opinion on the matter and for advice. She tells him it’s all up to him and that the only thing that she’s concerned about for him is attracting the wrong attention at school.
Finally, Nitori makes up his mind. He visits Tataksuki and asks if he can use her uniform. She hestistantly agrees however grows worried that it was Doi’s doing. Nitori admits that he played some role in influencing him into wanting to do this, but at the same time, he really just wanted to do it for himself. The next day, Nitori goes to school dressed as a girl. His homeroom teacher imeaditely recognizes him and Nitori confesses revealing that it is really him. Before long he is sent to the nurse office and the word has already traveled quickly around the school. When things couldn’t have gotten worse, he was forced to be picked up by his mother and taken home.

Damn it the summary doesn’t satisfy me, but it’s getting late and I really wanted to get this out ASAP!
Oh god. Throughout this episode, the moment Doi was involved, I was sincerely concerned about Nitori. I was so worried about what he would say to him, what he might do to him, I was anxious for Nitori’s sake. I was also happy how coldly Yuki treated Doi and pointed out that he is a transexual and even pulled out Chi to make his point.
By the next episode, things are going to get ugly. If you had watch till the end of the credits who wouldn’t? The song is so awesome! you will know that it continues for a bit where Ariga is narrating what’s going on. The worst case scenario has happened. Nitori was not only sent to the nurse office, the word about him dressing up as a girl spreading around the school like a plague, and the drop the final bomb, Nitori’s mother had been called down to take him home for the day. Maybe it would have been better to step in slowly and claim himself to be one of his cousins or something, maybe that might have helped tone down the trouble. From my experience as someone who has disabilities, I found that hiding that particular fact when I first meet people is a smart move. Later when you reveal it to them, they either accept it realizing that all long I was like every other person or be an ass and make up excuses saying they don’t want to be involved with me. But again, it all depends on who you are and how you feel about certain things. All Nitori was trying to do is stay true to himself, and staying true to yourself is a hard thing, especially when you are sensitive about how other people judge you.
I wonder how Anna is going to handle this. While she has said she had no problems, if everyone were aware that she and Nitori were dating, she might be pulled into this issue. On the other hand I also believe that she is concerned about Nitori’s reputation and feel terrible for what has been happening. Maho, on the other hand, she’s going to take a huge fit. If anything beyond that, it’d be basically wanting to cut all ties that had him related to her in any sort of way. I’m also curious as well as concerned for how Nitori’s parents will handle this revelation.


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