Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 8: SAWAKOOOOOOO :D

After a short summary explaining the last 2 episodes which we quite frankly didn’t need, but whatever, Everyone is busy getting ready for the school festival, and our 2 main characters once again become stare-ninjas and look at each other all the time without the other one noticing Oh, come on, not that again…. Kazehaya realizes that he always thinks about himself That’s right, you selfish little boy, and meanwhile Sawako goes through another “Why did I fall in love with him?” phase. Meanwhile, the Sadako Black Cafe preparations are still going along pretty well, and as the day approaches, Sawako and Kazehaya are still stare ninjaz, Chizu’s birthday is celebrated and there is a cute moment going on between Ryuu and her as he gives her a present GRAAAAW, WHY AREN’T THEY THE MAIN COUPLE?!?!.
.It is now time for the School Festival!!!!!!!!! The Black Magic Cafe seems to be a great hit, and Sawako finds herself solving love problems more than anything else, while she herself has her own problems. During a 10-minute break, Miura goes to see her, and although interfering might cause his imminent murder by Ayane tells her honestly that he sees a wall between her and Kazehaya and between no one else, explains his point of view and why he acted like he did before he confessed, and tells her in the end that he supports her I dunno if I should be happy of what he said…. Afterwards, Miura goes to see Kazehaya and is about to start talking when Kazehaya pulls out a speech of absolute f***ing cuteness he might be annoying but he still redeems himself once in a while!!!!
The Black Magic Cafe continues, and after the day ends, people ignore where Kazehaya is and Sawako decides “I DON’T CARE IF HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE!” and runs after him OMG OMG OMG OMG IT’S ABOUT TIME, I LOVE YOU SAWAKO AND YOUR EPIPHANIES!. With Ryuu’s help, she finds him in the classroom, and is about to open the door and confess to him when the episode ends.
WOOOOOOOHHHH!!! I don’t think I need to say that this episode was A-MA-ZING. But I’m still saying it anyways, because it was. I finally found back all the components that were seen in the first season and that made this show so great and popular. Sawako’s thinking process, her personality, the humour in everything, Ryuu’s and Chizu’s cute relationship, and moreover the damn cute romance that was in this episode made me completely love this show all over again.
I LOOOOOOOOVE SAWAKOOO!!! She’s sooooooo cute ^.^. I freaking love that girl’s personality. She has so much determination in everything she does, and she always thinks of others before herself. Yes, she does bring herself down in the process, but as much as this can be a bad quality sometimes I love people like that, and her personality is truly beautiful.
Moreover, I like what Kent said. At first, I wasn’t too sure what to think of it, because it seemed to bring down Sawako even more, but in the end it’s what made her want to confess, so that she could break down that wall between them. In other words, GOOD JOB KENT!!!
Now, for the confession part, OH MY GOD it’s about time! -_-‘ This has been going on for a heck of a while, and I’m glad the thinking is almost done and they’re finally going to get together Hopefully!
There was one thing in this episode I realized, however. Unfortunately, this is only going to be 12 episodes, which means that, by the time they finish Sawako’s and Kazehaya’s relationship, the 2 secondary couples definitely won’t be able to be developed, which makes me veeeery sad because I loved seeing their development often even more than the main couple, but I just fangirl over Ryuu way too much.
Apart from that, it was a great episode, and I really liked it it was a good change in the row of boring episodes from the pas few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 8: SAWAKOOOOOOO :D

  1. Im sad there will only be 12 episodes! They should make another season and spend it developing the other romances (epecially Chizu/Ryuu) and use the rest of this season just on Kazehaya and Sawako. That would make me SO happy

    1. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen XD That could be a good idea, however even the manga lacks development for other couples, and I think after this season people who haven’t read it will be kinda sick of Kimi ni Todoke… :/ Sometimes it’s better not to continue something for too long because it becomes redundant (Then again, maybe it could work, who knows?). I reaaaally doubt, though, that a season like that will start…
      If only the manga wasn’t so damn slow, they could’ve made this a full 24 eps again and add the romance for the secondary couples… 🙁 I WANT TO SEE RYUUUU

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