Level E, Episode 12: Obsessive Fiancee and Determined Brother

Prince Baka seeks Yukitaka to crash at his place in order to hide from his fiancee and brother who are tracking him down so that he can forcefully get married to his fiance within a month’s time. In the mean time, Baka tries to figure out why his brother isn’t using certain tactics and goes to investigate and scout out of hidden devices to monitor him and others.

By far, I think this has turned out to be the most interesting episode yet. Instead of having Baka set up pranks on everyone, he’s dealing with his own problem with having an obsessive fiancee eagerly waiting to marry him, his young brother determined to have him married before the month is over, and last but not least, Colin’s shocking uncover spy role. This episode had a much more serious mood to it while at the same time managed to keep me very entertained. I’ve always loved the interactions between Baka and Yukitaka, so I was pleased to see more of that today. Another thing was how Captain Craft and Sade (excluding Colin since now he is regarded as a ‘Spy’) were eager to actually help Prince Baka avoid this marriage at all cost since they for once, actually shared the same opinion on the matter. So that was another thing that was very refreshing to see.
From the beginning of the episode, I started to wonder that maybe Baka’s brother, Mohan might have had feelings towards Princess Luna. Later it was comfirmed that he does (although we were only left to see him blush and that’s it). The only question now is whether he has an ulterior motive, one that has been questioned when Baka went to investigate about the sky not changing from the day before. Let me tell you, when I first saw the reflection of what was in outterspace, the first few things that occured to me were:
A) His brother was planning to make sure that Baka will never get off Earth
B) Murder this brother/destroy Earth
C) Just something really bad was going to happen.
When we were told by Mohan that what Baka and the others were seeing were simply guests waiting for the wedding to actually start kind of threw me off. In fact, I still find it suspicious about the set up. Seriously, who would want to attend Baka’s wedding anyways?
Next up is Princess Luna. First thing first, I actually thought she was Princess Saki from episode 9 because they looked alike at first before I realized the major difference. Anyways, there’s no doubt about it. She’s a psycho who is obsessed with Prince Baka despite not once actually meeting him face to face. In fact, when she goes on about how she tried impressing him by becoming smart, studying what he had great interests in – basically in short she wanted to become his ‘ideal type’. I think she is another one who can’t be trusted. There’s something about her – maybe she’s just too nice? God I can’t put my finger on it.
…Actually now that I think of it, it’d be interesting to see everyone working together to pull the biggest prank on Prince Baka as their revenge, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be a twist to make it end up that way.
Last but not least, Prince Baka. I have to say, putting in that law about the marriage thing was probably to most conveniently, considerate (despite it was really for his own selfish actions), not to mention BRILLIANT idea Prince Baka has ever came up with. Seriously! Like, now everyone’s happy – except for Mohan and his fiancee (LOL).


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