One Piece Episode 491: Rampage Time

This week starts off with basically the same scenes that appeared last episode: Pirates are going wild. They want the One Piece, they want Whitebeards’ territory, whatever the reason, they’re rampaging and the marines are freaking out.
Now that that’s cleared up, let’s move on to more interesting things. In the calm belt, a warm goodbye is given to Ivan because he is leaving, going back to his kingdom the one where Sanji’s a transvestite at the moment, while Luffy and Jimbei are going to be dropped off at Amazon Lily in order for Luffy’s wounds to heal. Since they can’t set foot on the island, Luffy stays on Law’s ship in a bay near the island for a long time, where he is being healed slowly very slowly. According to Law, it all depends on “whether he wants to live or not” ok he’s gonna live.
He finally wakes up, and still thinking “I wanna save Ace” starts running around like a maniac and destroying everything. After a scene where Hancock goes crazy over the fact that Luffy woke up just Hancock being Hancock, Luffy is seen in the forest, where he finally wakes up from his trance and looks around, wondering where he is. After the dreamy phase, he then goes into a phase of anger where he still destroys everything around him No, really. HE DESTROYS A FREAKIN’ MOUNTAIN WITH ANOTHER MOUNTAIN see picture for details, and finally after a small talk with Jimbei he stops moving and starts crying like a baby, realizing that his brother really died and that he can’t change anything about it.
Wow, I’m sure glad Luffy finally woke up! He might be very messed up, but at least he’s awake!

It must be really tough on him though, after this whole war he couldn’t save his brother, and now that Ace died and Luffy realized it his idealistic brain seriously can’t take it. I’m thinking after this whole period of sadness Luffy will want to take revenge or something, or at least he’ll want to get stronger so that he can protect the other people that are precious to him.

Uh dude, with your mouth open that big you can probably cause earthquakes with your voice... That would be SO COOL.

On a more funny note, Hancock’s delusions once again made me laugh. I particularly loved when Nyon told herself “she’s infected with such a powerful virus”, I find it really funny that they call love a “virus”. If you think about it, it’s even funnier that it’s towards Luffy that she feels love, someone who knows even less about love that her which is reaaaaally impressive… Then again, it’s Luffy… No one can beat Luffy in terms of being ignorant.
*AHEM* Cleavage, much? XD

Next week, we will be starting a flashback arc I thought it was going to be this week but I guess not. We will get to know how Luffy and Ace were when they were kids absolutely adorable, that’s for sure!

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