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Cake made by Eva and Moe! And Myst wishes she would have been there *sad face* (A bit plain, but at least it's tasty!!! *SHOT*)

Eva: Omg, AFJKAFSASFF!!!!!! 50 000 hits!!! Wow! Smokes, you guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for visiting and following Angry Anime Bitches Anime Blog, and now for our thanks we wanted to throw a little activity for you guys and that is- *IS CUT OFF BY BEING SHOVED ASIDE BY MOE’S DANGEROUS ENTRANCE*
Moe: *flails with knife* This is totally awesome~ *flailflailflail* Thank you thank you thank yoooouuuu *dies from stabification of self from knife flailing* All your viewing is much much appreciated and thank you for your patience and actually watching of the Angry Anime Bitches blog! IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!! THAAAANNKKK YOOOOUU!!! OH BTW: (Thanks to Eva for lending her laptop and tablet while waiting for the cake to bake)
That's Moe crying at the bed as her laptop remains on life support (IV) after having to undergo an operation due to what seems to be a mechanical stroke...

Myst: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I seriously never thought we’d get that many views, seriously I’m so happeh people like reading our blog! =D HAPPEH HAPPEH!!!!
ZeroG: I still remember when we used to do this only for fun and not for the money ! oh wait, we still do that just for fun and don’t get paid. Anyway, thank you everyone who read my stuff, I love writing it, so I sure hope you enjoy reading it just as much.
Oki: Damn, 50,000 hits?! Only something this epic could pull me from Cecilia Alcott’s cleavage! Mmmmmm…..50,000 hits…
Ballad: 50,000 hits already, huh? The blog’s not even a year old yet, and we don’t have to much fancy to offer, so it’s really incredible that we’ve come this far. Thanks to everyone who came to visit us! I know I’m only responsible for the smallest minority of visits, but I’m grateful, all the same. XD I hope we continue to prove worth your time for many years to come.”
*Crawls back up* Eva: So I put up a poll like, literally at the last minute. With all what’s happening for the last week and so, it’s been chaotic and overwhelming, but thankfully we had some people vote, sadly not as much as we hoped in so little time ;A; so we actually got some sort of results! I’m bring back the poll for the next 100 000 hits, which will be the next time throw a special event to thank you all!!!!! And now, it’s time for~ which I orignally planned to host during the last week of 2010!! 8’D



Rather than creating the question ourselves, we had some friends who were more than willing to add some suggestions. However while we’re at we are more than happy to have you guys, the readers ask the questions! If by any chance you want to ask one now, feel free to! Remember to make sure it remain appropriate, if it is too personal or not appropriate, the bloggers are not obliged to answer the question and your comment will be counted as a spam. This special event will only last till March 29th!!! Without any more delay, lets get started! 😀
Q: What was the first Anime you ever watched? (Whether you knew it or not)
Eva: Pokemon or Sailor Moon… I’m not sure… one or the other.  I still play the game too. I’m loving PK Black right now.
Myst: Unconsciously totally stealing Moe‘s expression, Dragonball or Pokemon. I remember totally wanting to watch Dragonball when I was a kid but it always played at 9 and by that time I had to go to bed and I was super sad! GRR.
Eva: @Myst: Didn’t you know on Wednesdays (maybe it was Tuesdays, or even every morning I don’t remember) both Dragonball and Pokemon was on TSS or whatever at 5:00 am, it was in french too. @_@; I didn’t understand a word, but I still watched it!!!! LOL! I was like, seven and I was getting up that early to watch that stuff.
Myst: @Eva: Oh my god, I actually do remember that! which is kinda disturbing because it was ages ago… but whatever…. Yeah, but that wasn’t Dragonball Z! I wanted the intense fights and not the childish stuff, I wanted the grown up stuff!!!

The first anime I ever unconciously watched was Samurai Pizza Cats… My sister would always wake up early to go downstairs to watch it and would follow
Zero: Dragon Ball Z, but I was young and never really understood the story, still watching weird dude shooting lazors was fun.
Ballad: Demon City Shinjuku. I was a perverted young child. XD
Oki: Sailor Moon! I was….4 when it first came out, I think. At the latest I was 6 because I remembered being in kindergarten and arguing about my mom when to see it. To this day I have a transformation scene fetish >_O
Q: When did you seriously get into watching Anime? What made it so addicting, so enjoyable to watch?
Eva: I would say about 7 years ago. I started off watching it on TV (Gundam Mobile Suits, Inuyasha, .Hack\Sign, FMA, Zatch Bell, Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew), then got really bored of seeing the same series being aired over and over again and found my way around the internet where I discover paradise filled with Anime! What made it so addicting was that now days, there’s like – nothing good to watch on TV. It’s either all about murders and crimes, terrible plot, depressing stories, blah blah blah – you know the stuff. Anime, you got such a variety, not to mention the absolutely stunning animation, plots and characters that connects with the audience, breathtaking OST, and best of all – their voice acting. That’s what really drawn me into it. Unlike the retarded dubs we get, they actually convey the emotions properly, become one with the character (well so it seems, makes it far more believable). That what makes it so exciting, and enjoyable to watch! It’s definitely one of its charms. DAMNIT I ALWAYS WRITE TOO MUCH!
Myst: Uhh, probably around… 2 or 3 years ago, I think? O.o The first series I started watching seriously was Bleach which I dropped later on because of stupid fillers that made me wanna kill myself, and then I think I seriously started watching anime when I marathoned the whole Death Note series it’s an addictive show, what can I say!
Moe: When Digimon first started airing on TV. I. LOVE. WIZARDMON! He was the best Digimon ever! Sure he wasn’t one of the tamers digimon’s (If I had to go with one of the tamers, it would be Tentomon =3=).
Zero: One of my friend told me I had to watch a show called Death Note, I was hesitant at first, but then I watch the whole thing in 36 hours, this is when I started watching anime.
Ballad: After Pokemon, I think Gundam Wing was my first love that I actually recognized as anime. I found the artstyle intriguing, and enjoyed how unique and mature the storyline was.
Oki: The day I watched Sailor Moon I KNEW anime was for me. I didn’t know how to get ahold of manga because I live in such a small town but every manga I could watch, I did! I loved it all. I prided the first manga I ever owned, even though now I recognize the entire series was cliche and garbage. I got into everything, tried everything, went with every fad. Anime has been something I’ve loved before coherent memory was ever formed in my brain and it will always be a part of my life.
Q: Do you guys even know each other?
Eva: I have known Balladbird for a couple of years due to being in a common fandom, I have recently gotten to know more about Oki and Zero, but Myst and Moe are the only ones who I actually know in person.
Myst: I’ve known Eva and Moe when I got into CEGEP that I’ve told you guys already is a retarded but quite awesome version of College, and actually it’s the same for Zero I’m the one who introduced him into the blog, mwahaha, these 3 are all good friends 🙂 . I have never met Oki and Ballad, however *sad face*.
Moe: Uhmmm… I know Eva and Myst…. the other three.. Well Zero supposedly went to my school last semester, but I didn’t see him, so I don’t believe it 😛
Zero: I only ever met with Myst, she’s the one responsible for me being here. I do know a bit more about Eva now thought, since I spent my days being remembered that I’m late to put stuff up.
Ballad: I know Eva and Oki. No one else. 😮
Oki: I know Eva from bleachu fandom and from rants with our common friends, and Ballad the same way. 😀
Q: What is your favorite food?
Eva: SUSHIIIII! Blame Moe, she was the one who brought me to a sushi bar for the first time. = w = WE ARE SO GOING THERE AGAIN, MYST YOU’RE COMING WITH US THIS TIME!
Myst: *looks up in fear at the statement* O…kay… Uhhhhhh… I dunno… Something good…? I like food in general lolz, I don’t really have a favourite.
Moe: Ow… why does this question always show up? As otaku-ish as this may sound, I LOVE okonomiyaki; I had it at a Japanese festival a few years ago, and ever since then, when I can find it I want to have it – supposedly my friend makes really good okonomiyaki too, but she lives 3 hours away =3=
Zero: I love pizza and spaghetti, so my favorite meal is pizzaghetti, that’s the end of it, I’m not a big eater
Ballad: Anything edible. food isnt’ all that important to me.
Oki: TACOS! I love Tacos! Everyone I know associates me with tacos. Everytime I say I’m hungry one of my friends says “Here you go *hands taco*”. Tacooooo! It’s even a fun word! XD
Q: What is/are your favorite Anime OST?
Eva: That’s a real tough one. I adore both Code Geass‘s (both seasons) and Angel Beats! OST. They are truly breathtaking. I am also loving Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Sound Duels 1, 2 and 3. Real badass.
Myst: Don’t ask me about OSTs, I never paid attention to them until I started blogging -_-‘. But if you must, then I’d go for Death Note, I think. The soundtrack still remains in my head even now, after such a long time!!!Don’t worry, I don’t believe my health will be compromised.
Zero: I have all of Code Geass soundtracks, it is by far my favorite. I also enjoy many other soundtracks, but that is mostly because when I have to hear a soundtracks over ten times, it get stuck in my head.
Ballad: Hmm… I don’t really have one.
Oki: I’m more into game OSTs but if I notice an OST, it’s something I own or would like to.
Q: What are your latest Obsession?
Eva: Eyeshield 21 (Manga) and Yu Gi Oh 5Ds (Anime), Baking (Pastry)
Myst: ONE PIEEEEEEEEECE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Languages :D.
Moe: *ahem* Is this manga or anime obsession? Because for anime… well… my internet/laptop have been annoying and the only anime that actually works for 5 minutes is APH (which I love, don’t get me wrong, I just wish I had my laptop back…) as for manga *coughcough* well, it’s a guilty pleasure so to speak; Katekyo Hitman Reborn… I watch it for the bromance which is TOTALLY THERE!
Zero: I’m currently watching Clannad, I’m about to finish Clannad Afterstory in about 2 days, I only have 14 episodes left. I usually find slice of life anime really boring, but Clannad is a well executed masterpiece, and I find it to be quite the interesting show.
Ballad: I’ve been into boxing for the past year and a half or so. I guess that counts. XD
Oki: Well my life has been kind of *insert personal stuff* so my interest in everything has been very poor, but I’ve been huge in the Dragon Age fandom for years now. I also really like Darker than Black right now and have been watching it when I have time.
Q: Do you guys have a personal quote?
Eva: “Looking for an Inspiration”
Myst: “Everything will eventually get better, even if it takes a long time”
Moe: “I reject your reality and substitute my own!” -Adam Savage
Zero: “Mine is longer”
Ballad: I do. I live by the creed of “anything for attention!”
Oki: You don’t need a reason to help people!
Q: What are your passions?
Eva: Basketball, Soccer and Blogging, slowly getting back into Creative Writing, Baking… mmm cupcakes… AND OF COURSE, ANIME AND MANGAS!
Myst: Languages, Drawing, Ranting Blogging, Soccer and ANIME Especially ONE PIECE! Gee, I’m totally hyper today.
Moe: My biggest passion, I would have to say, is animation. Not just anime, but animation in general. When there is a GOOD animated film out in theatres I have a tendency to get emotional over it. I went to see Avatar (Pocahontas in space…) and the animation brought me to tears it was that amazing (my friend thought I was having an emotional breakdown).  How to Train Your Dragon totally should have won the oscar for best animated feature =3=
Zero: Anime, video games… that might not look like much, but it does requires more time that what I can spend
Ballad: Villains in stories, boxing, Go, and writing long-winded essays on Livejournal.
Oki: Drawing, and the storytelling I like to do through drawing. I have to tell you my whole life I said I wanted to be this or to do that but when I realized what I really wanted to do I spent the longest time trying to find an alternate route. I’ve always loved comic books and manga and the one thing I’ve always prided myself in is that all my stories come together and feel beautiful and amazing to me. If I could ever have a dream come true, it would be to draw an equivalent of american manga, so comics with japanese influence. There are things in my life I will have come true that I can will, but this is one of my two dreams I would fight to the end for.
Q: If you were to live an afterlife in one Anime, which would it be?
Eva:COUGHYUGIOH5DsCOUGH – Sorry what was the question again? Uh… *SHOT*
Myst: ONE PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECE …Do you even have to ask?
Moe: hmmm Uhhh… Full Metal Alchemist. Why? Because it would be badass and it is one of my favorite series of all time. No I would not be an alchemist (I’m not THAT smart =3=), I would probably be an automail mechanics apprentice; helping them out and stuff… or I’ll just be that creepy homeless chick that stalks you at every corner of every alleyway….
Zero: Probably Welcome to NHK, I wouldn’t have to change much of my regular habit.
Ballad: Full Metal Alchemist, probably. seems like a good place to live a normal life, and the art would be pretty.
Oki: Bleach! Almost no one dies and Bleach saved my life once, so it’s pretty fitting.
Q: What was the first thing you ever fangirled/fanboyed about?
Eva: ATLA (Avatar: The Last Air Bender), holy crap I was a hard-core fan – for real.  You thought I was a head over heels for Yumeiro Patissiere? Not even close. I was running around the house screaming every season premiere, special, finale – I lost my voice many times. I also tried to get everything INVOLVING ATLA merchandise. I only got as far as getting the 2009 Calender, poster, magazines, fanarts, Season DvDs packages, (except for Book 3, I didn’t like that season too much – thus left me kind of disappointed at the finale, but hey Azula VS Zuko fight was epic, that I appreciated.).
Myst: O_o The first thing? Oh my god, it was totally Death Note I think. Yep, when Light had his 20 million next moves planned out perfectly, how could I not fangirl over that? 😀
Moe: *Points to second answer* I memorised how the cardgame works bitches I am that obsessed!
Zero: Death Note it is, it was the first anime I saw and it was also one of the best I ever saw. Of course it is nothing compared to Code Geass, but still Death Note is one of my favorite anime. Kira is our savior !
Ballad: Owen, the assistant to David Xanatos in Disney’s “Gargoyles.” though this may have been after my fanboying of Gambit from X-men..
Oki: The first thing?  Kurama from Yu yu Hakusho!
Q: If you were to meet a character from one Anime in real life, who would it be?
Eva: Yusei from Yu Gi Oh 5Ds – what? Do not judge me!
Myst: Chopper!!! From One Piece! Let’s just say I would completely fangirl over his absolutely f&@?ing cuteness for months If I saw him for only a second. I’d totally wanna meet him! Or Brook and his amazing laugh… Or maybe Sunako from Wallflower… SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, I DUNNO WHICH TO CHOOSE *psychotic look*!
Moe: Uhmmm.. Eyes Rutherford from Spiral. He’s just so pretty and angsty and and *epiphany* I have a thing for silver haired boys who are angsty and play the piano… *headdesk* BUT! He is British! So he is separated from the troupe! *shot* I just wanna have afternoon tea with him is all. *monocle smile*
Zero: I want it to be C.C from Code Geass. She could give me Geass and she is eternally young and hot. I bet she knows a lot of tricks learn through time to satisfy someone…hum
Eva: @Zero: //I bet she knows a lot of tricks learn through time to satisfy someone…hum// DUDE WTF SERIOUSLY, YOU JUST SCARRED MY MIND – Oh wait, I should be used to this by now.
Ballad: Ulquiorra from Bleach. XD
Oki: Lelouch from Code Geass. JUST TO…GIVE HIM A HUG..
… *CRICKETS*Myst lolz*


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