Yu Gi Oh 5Ds continue off where it left off last week where Carly was revived and awakened as a Dark Signer to seek revenge on Divine. Misty also shows up in order to fight Aki to get revenge for her beloved brother. Both ladies summon the Underworld Gods, sacrificing the people of the New Domino for its power at the same time. Carly ruthlessly defeats Divine sending him flying to the bottom of the building having a taste of what her own death was much like, and Aki’s battle was postponed due to the building about to collapses. Afterwards Carly snaps out of her Dark Signer’s mind set and stars to cry, devastated at the disaster she caused and what had happened to her. She is taken in with Misty, along with her new companions.


Wow, the last part when Carly was freaking out, I choked up. I knew that deep in her heart she didn’t want this, yet here she is revived as a Dark Signer. The only good point when this outcome is that she no longers wear glasses and now she looks cuter than ever. <3 Also there will be a promising development between her and Jack, considering how he was really looking for her when he went in the building and found her damaged glasses.
Aki on the other hand is stuck with Misty having a grudge on her. Supposedly Aki is the one responsible for the death of Misty’s brother, and judging how Aki reacted, she is the innocent one and has nothing to do with it. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she were framed since the Arcadia Movement seems to use a lot of underhand tactics and has their ways to manipulate the public and security.
Divine, he’s dead. There’s no freaking way anyone can survive a fall like that – and I highly doubt he’d be revived as a Dark Signer. Anyhow unless his psychic abilities involves him flying/floating/whatever that’s the only way I can see him survive, otherwise, no.
Now Bomber has encountered a Dark Signer who offered him to join them so he can have his revenge. Heh, it would confirm the theory that Godwin may be one of the signers? I mean who else would Godwin want to get revenge on anyways? I highly doubt it’d be Yusei.
The episode was really good. The only thing that has been bothering me since the first arc was the digital animation. I think it would have been cooler to keep it all drawn like the original series did. Speaking of animation, despite the digital gods, (which by the was really well done). There weren’t as many noticeable flaws, so that makes me very happy.


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