Hold that thought.
Hold that thought.

Aki has been hospitalized and said to be in a coma. Her parents show up then hear from Jack that Yusei is the only one who can wake her up JACK YOU CUNNING BASTARD LOL. So Aki’s father heads out to Satellite to find Yusei and requests him to save Aki. He explains to Yusei about their past and how it is his fault for influencing her to become this way due to his behavior.
Do you even think have the right to call yourself that?


Turns out he is the Senator of New Domino, as a politician while Aki grew up he never got to have time with her, and when he did, one way or another he would be dragged back to work. He broke Aki’s last straw when she continued their duel only to awaken not only her psychic abilities but also cause the birthmark appear.

In that situation she was terrified and was crying out for her parents to help her. Instead of helping her, her father blurted out to stay away and called her a monster. He feared her powers and eventually sent her to Duel Academia, where eventually she came back home one evening only to find her parents ‘enjoying’ life and laughing while she wasn’t there. Incredibly hurt, this is what influenced her to start using her powers ruthlessly.

Look at her! She's scared!!! ;A; *HUGZ AKI*


That is when is when she encountered Divine who pulled ‘I will be there for you’ out of his ass and immediately had her favoring him and followed his orders. Anyways – so Yusei finally agrees and so they go to awaken Aki like snow white or was it sleeping beauty? Which one is more appropriate? where he successfully wakes her up. The first thing she asks was, “Are you here to rescue me?”

Of course seeing her parents there she immediately became furious and started to freak out how Divine is no longer around and now she has no place to be in their world. Overwhelmed by feelings, Aki furiously challenged Yusei to a duel going all out within her first two turns.


God Jack, you just had to go on about how Yusei was the only one to open Aki’s heart. And then when we hear the story from her father, for the love of god it should be HIM trying to get through her, no matter how long it takes. Depending on Yusei was pathetic!!! Also WHY do they only go and see her NOW? WHY HAVEN’T THEY BEEN LOOKING FOR HER? DON’T YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR KID? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
Then that scene when Yusei wiped her tears away and their birthmarks reacted, causing her the wake up. Out of all things, the first thing she said was, “Are you here to rescue me?” felt extremely corny and unnecessary. I don’t get whether she was either half asleep or they were trying to show how vulnerable she was at the moment.
Sucks to be Yusei, now he has to duel again so soon, just when his wounds have healed and got to deal with those bloody thorns again. How lovely. Martha is going to throw a fit if he gets seriously injured again.
Divine, HA! What a sly bastard he is. Divine pulled ‘I will be there for you’ out of his ass right on the spot knowing that Aki was in her most vulnerable state. Seriously speaking that was what her father should have done, thus that is why Aki cared so much for Divine without realizing she was just going to be another tool to be used in his collection.
One of the best part of the episode (and god it’s such a shame the animation sequence didn’t turn out that great – well in short throughout the entire episode it was just so god damn hideous) is where Martha starts lecturing Yusei and then assumes he has a ‘thing’ for Aki and goes on about future wife and all that marriage stuff. Of course this allows us to see a new side of him, which was very cute. That’s being flustered and pouting. <3

>B3 Ohohohohoho wait for it...


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