The battle of the act continues between Crow and Yeager, however they are suddenly forced to stop the duel when a powerful tremor strikes. Yeager flees telling Crow that if he wants to live he needs to run. Suddenly dark ominous fog covers all of Satellite taking all the people with it, leaving the city abandoned. Yusei and the others are told to depart to Satellite to start their battle, Yusei requests Godwin to promise him that he will connect the Daedelus Bridge after they defeat the Dark Signers.

Crow pulling up the act throughout the battle made it a lot more bearable for me to watch. I knew immediately that he had to be acting since he was so out of character since the last episode. One of my favorite parts was when he went, “OH MY GOD!” I was dying from laughter at that point. Crow is really entertaining to watch when he duels, especially since he loves acting as the trickster. Anyhow we are unware of what his current fate is at the moment since all we see left is his D-Wheel. In the mean time Yusei, although he doesn’t really show it, the way he keeps on thinking over and over again that they have to protect the city makes it sound like he is very overwhelmed and is still dealing with the fear of having to duel Kiryu again and face the Gigantic Gods. You know what scratch that, he’s scared and has every right to be. It’s going to be an emotional ride, especially with his hometown and his friends’ lives are at stake.
I’m also happy that people in Neo Domino are FINALLY starting to question Godwin’s action and what’s actually going on. I feel bad for that one cop because he’s probably freaking out as well and like, “Man why do I have to be the one to calm them down?”! There were some moments when I giggled like crazy due to my inner shipping fangirl. I am loving how much attention and thought Jack is having towards Carly. She has left such an impact on him. At the same time we see Mikage growing more heartbroken because jack has never given her that much considerate attention, so when I see that Ushio is developing a crush on her, I’m rooting for the two of them (another pairing to ship yay!!!). Speaking of Ushio, I loved how Yusei responded to his appearance.


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