The team splits up to head towards the seals where their opponents await them. In the mean time, Ruka is sent to the Spirit World while Rua takes on the Dark Signer Demak.


So Yusei, what were you saying about working individually? Unless I am seeing things, I see you at Rua’s duel, now what are you doing there?
Oh wait, that’s right. You are forced to babysit these twins, or its just a habit of having from having to watch over Rally and the other guys. How terribly sad. Anyhow don’t you have other business to attend?

The episode was pretty good. Having Yusei mad and about demanding to have a duel so he can officially kick the Dark Signers asses. He totally snapped and I was completely amused by his actions. Main character who usually has a cool head spazzing = epic win. Another thing he did that surprised me was sprout out a huge lie right on the spot. He wants some sort of hope to cling onto, and before he knew it he actually said it out loud in front of everyone. The poor guy, he’s forcing himself to be strong. Can someone give him a hug already? Also, it’s sad that while people KNOW about Yusei’s father, they won’t tell him anything about the guy. Throughout this episode, you can really tell that Yusei is desperately clinging to whatever chance or hope to learn more about this father. It makes me sad knowing that.
I found it was funny how Carly actually said ‘beloved’ out loud when Jack chased after her. It’s not a bad thing, we know those two have mutual feelings for each other, just haven’t actually confessed. So I will be looking forward to their relationship development. *SHOT*
Aki is really stepping up by trying to be positive as much as possible. Certainly she doesn’t want to go back to that horrible negative habit again. I will be looking forward to her duel with Misty.
As for the twins: We finally learned that Demak was the one who has Ancient Fairy Tail in possession, so now Ruka must duel the guy to get it back. Also while Rua freaks out Ushio talking to Kuribon which he cannot see, then suddenly disappear in blinding rainbow light, and into the spirit world – Rua finds himself dragged into the “duel of death” while looking for her just in case she fell off the vehicle. I highly doubt he will win, but hey it would be nice to see him improve and find a way to hold up against this guy. GO RUA GO!!!! 8D REMEMBER NOT TO ACT FULL OF YOURSELF!!!
Last but now least, Dr. Fudo – Yusei’s father turned out to be the originally owner of all the Dragons that are in the signer’s party. Now that is badass don’t you think? Too bad he had to entrust the cards to Godwin and the guy ‘set the cards free’ so that they can find their destined owner. I guess Yusei should be somewhat happy that he was one of the chosen ones since now he knows that he has a little something that once belonged to his father.


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