Day: April 29, 2011

Highschool of the Dead
OVA / ONA / Specials

Highschool of the Dead OVA: Drugs are bad m’kay

Summary: The group end up on a deserted island far from any civilization or zombies. The Island has water and a wonderful Beach. But something odd is going on on the island.

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Completed Series

[C]: Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control: episode 3: The Secrets of the Financial District

Summary: Yoga goes to meet his aunt in order to learn more about his vanished father who abandonned him and his mom when he was still young. But while he is investigating his own past, he is himself brought to be the center of attention of the Financial District.

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Currently Covering

AnoHana Ep 3: The Reunion

After being pursuaded to go to school by Menma Jintan heads out only to

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