A Channel Episode 1 [First Impression]: Oh, this looks pretty norma- Wait, WHAT?!

Alright, so I have basically no idea what this show is about, let’s start watching this! Starts Episode
…Waaaaaaait… Someone’s running around the school with a baseball bat? FUCK YEAH. I like this already.

Now, to move on to the actual summary, it looks like the show will be about a group of happy-go-lucky girls who hang out at school, they’re all really good friends and-…I didn’t hallucinate this, did I?

…I’m really looking at 2 little girls who look like they’re getting it on? O.o

… And Tooru is actually jealous?

O_____O *is so so so so confused* I need to stop right here. Okay, so let me get this straight. This show is childish… it involves kids that just entered high school and are still acting and looking like kids… The whole thing is extremely carefree and somewhat childish… Aaaaaaaaand, just to mess up our brains, it now looks like Tooru’s in love with Run and apparently smacks the boobs of everyone who looks like they’re about to have sex with Run… Did I really get that right or did my mind hallucinate something of its own?

...And is it just me or was that basically a panty shot?! 0_0

…Anyways… The summary must go on apparently it wasn’t just hallucinations… And so now, after some scene involving a tad bit of boobs nothing much, but much more than I thought this show was going to have already O.o, we are at school where all the students are filling up forms for their electives. Lunch time happens, Tooru beats up the same girl again That I have to agree with though, I love it when people are being beaten up 😀, and afterwards we get to know a little bit more about Run’s personality with a scene involving her trying to cut a piece of candy with an exacto knife FAAAAAAAAIL.

We are then showed a scene involving Tooru and Run mostly, where Tooru shows how jealous she is enough for Run to figure it out, anyways, and in the end the circle of friends is happy-go-lucky again and they all hug each other and everything is solved!!! 😀 YAAAAAAAAY!

Ok, WTF?!?!?!?! This show’s weird… No, seriously, out of all the things I’ve seen this season I think this show is the weirdest, for the simple reason that everything points to a childish show and yet there seems to be some perverted stuff going on here… O_o Moreover, there are some quite disturbing things happening which make it seem like a show that’s definitely not childish… WTF.
Despite this, however, the plot seems nice. At first, I thought it was going to be retarded like all the other shows I’ve seen so far this season, however with Tooru’s jealousy fit and all it makes me wonder what will happen to her and Run, and I seriously hope there will be some plot twists going on in there. If not, I think I’ll get bored of the show pretty fast…
The characters, though, seem nice, Tooru’s absolutely adorable and I particularly love her voice, it’s really cute! ^.^ Moreover, she runs in the hallways with a baseball bat, so that’s a yes right away for me. As for Run, well she’s a hopeless idiot but I’ll forgive her for now… I guess. The other 2 don’t seem to have a peculiar personality to them yet, it might come as the episodes go on.
The one thing that really impressed me though, was the art. It was reaaaally pretty! It’s different from the traditional art, however it looks really nice and the animation company did a great job on it. I wasn’t too sure of it at first, because it sometimes looks like it’s very CG, however most of the time it just makes everything look absolutely gorgeous.
So, in the end, will I be blogging this? Good question. So far, since I am the only one on it, I guess I will, after all the show is funny, the characters are likeable and it looks as if this will possibly have a good storyline. If I run out of time though, so far it’s not on my list of “I absolutely want to keep blogging this” and it will possibly be one of the first ones to be dropped. Right now though, at least expect another episode of this to be on the blog of Angryanimebitches :).

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