Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Ep 1: The Sad Truth [First Impression]

Yadomi Jintan isn’t quite having an pleasant life. He’s a drop out student, on bad terms with his friends form the past, people in his community talking behind his back and worse of all, he sees a ghost of his best friend from his childhood, Menma. Menma tells him that she has a wish she wants to make come true, but the problem is she doesn’t know what that wish is.

*Right after this episode, we’re going to call this “AnoHana” thanks to MAL’s suggestion because the title is insanely long.

Oh my god. I can’t stop crying. This is the first episode and I’m already bawling my eyes out! I think it’s already clear what this story will be about, and that’s repairing the severed bonds and friendship among the group of friends that drifted apart of Menma’s death. What made me cry the most was the fact Jintan was never really able to apologize. So by the next episode, that will probably be the first step as they will gradually, with Menma’s help find a way to reconnect with everyone and be that group of friends again.
The beautiful thing about this anime so far is the type of characters we’ve seen.
It didn’t take very long for me to figure out that Menma was actually a ghost/spirit, starting with the fact Jintan’s father didn’t really take notice of her sitting on top of him. Also it’s interesting how the show kicked off, assuming that Jintan has been seeing Menma for a long time but has been denying her existence thinking it was a hallucination.
One of the key things we learns about Jintan was that he’s a drop out student, he failed his entrance exams, people think there’s something wrong with him, he is on bad terms with his friends from the past and the community is always whispering something behind his back, it’s a rough life.
As for Menma, at first we weren’t quite sure whether she was aware she was dead or not.By the end of the episode she confirms that she knows, and she is sad about it. It’s interesting how Jintan is currently the only one who can see her, while the others are only left to be able to feel her touch or visible weight.
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    1. Yeah same here. Like I said, I got a feeling the plot is already very clear and the ending is predictable, but despite that I think this show will still be good and will touch the audience’s hearts.

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