AnoHana Ep 3: The Reunion

After being pursuaded to go to school by Menma Jintan heads out only to turn around after some of Anaru ‘s friends (those obnoxious bitches *SHAKES FIST*) and decides to retreat to their childhood hangout where Poppo currently lives. When he arrives, Poppo goes on and on about how he saw Menma in the forest the night before and correctly describes her appearance. That’s when he gets an idea and host a barbeque and invites all their childhood friends for a reunion to search for Menma.

If there’s one thing for certain, I’m fairly confident that Yukiatsu is lying that he can see Menma. For once, if he really could he’d know that she was standing beside him, two he would have definitely greeted her and three this is clearly him feeling jealous. Although despite saying that, it would be interesting if he did actually see her, and that ghostly figure that Poppo say may have a connection with Menma, like lets say a part of her soul where she has to find the missing pieces. Then again, when you think about it that way it makes it rather confusing since remember everything from their childhood, she remembers who everyone is, the only thing she doesn’t know is her wish.
Kudos to Poppo for stepping up and organizing the barbeque! This is a great way to have everyone willingly gather together!!! I liked seeing a new side of Tsuruko
to go as far as bringing candles to help summon Menma and Anaru bringing fireworks (you’ll never get too old for that!). One of the few things we’ve noticed about Menma is that she is starting to cry a little more each episode. I do find it rather difficult to place my finger on the exact reason why she cries other than what would be the obvious reason – that’s she’s dead. I honestly think there’s a little bit more to it, and we yet to get her side of the story about that particular feeling.
One more thing I wanted to mention was we finally got a little bit of info about what happened to Jintan’s mother. He had a complicated relationship with his mother while she was stuck in the hospital, . For Jintan being a child, he probably grew frustrated over small things that he wanted his mother to do such as making them more of their favorite muffins. I just hope that he doesn’t have any regrets during his last day being with his mother like he had with Menma. That would just be heartbreaking.
Overall, this episode felt so fuzzy and warm! I absolutely loved it. It’s such a heartwarming experience and is truly enjoyable to watch!


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0 thoughts on “AnoHana Ep 3: The Reunion

  1. i love this anime!
    also if you check out the part on picture #2 look at Menmas ghost left arm and look at Yukiatsu left arm

    1. XD I can’t really see her arm, I had a hard time getting a screencap on that one. So I have no idea what you’re pointing out here. XD
      But yeah this anime is so awesome! <3

    1. <3 Anaru looks so pretty! She should have her hair down more often. :3
      Tsuruko, I think she will only act 'mean' when they are in public. : I'm crossing my fingers for her.

  2. I seriously think Yukiatsu is cross-dressing as Menma. I mean, he has her dress in his closet, buys girly things but won’t say who there for, and the ghost Poppo saw in the forest seemed to be a fair bit taller than Jintan’s Menma is. Not to mention he obviously has some sort of feelings for the dead girl. Putting all this together, its hard not to be suspicious of him.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I would die laughing if that were to be true. Most epic theory I have heard yet!

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