Battle Girls- Time Paradox Ep 1: Just Her Luck [First Impression]

Toyotom Hideyoshi is not exactly the luckiest girl in the world. She is often encountering badluck that makes her life more difficult and her bad habits of procratinating during her studies thanks to being getting a textaholic and easily distracted. One afternoon after another bad day at school, Hideyoshi finds a shrine where she gets herself a lucky charm to help her in her studies. She goes to the shrine’s bell to make a wish only to drop her only coin left and stumbles over, falling all over the place, not only snapping the rope that held the bell she stumbles into the shrine only to get sucked into some sort of ritual that teleports her to the past. From there she finds herself not only alone and lost, but witnessing a village enflamed and encounters a girl who looks exactly like her friend Mitsuhide (not to mention, the same name as well). Hideyoshi gets more confused when they are attacked by men who were responsible for attacking the village. When Mitsuhide was about to put up a fight, another woman named Oda Nobunaga appears amidst the flames and overpowers the enemies. She takes Hideyoshi back to her place to gather information.

First Impression:
This is another show that I didn’t see listed on the Spring 2011 Preview, so I decided to take a look anyways. Now I am a happy to say this show has succeeded in catching my attention and was rather enjoyable to watch. The one thing that had me worried when I first looked it over on MAL and ANN was whether this was going to turn into an ecchi anime. By the look of it, I don’t think that’s going to be the main focus or even go there, and I sincerely hope that’s the case. Oh and speaking of which, the ED caught me off guard with the portraits of the naked ladies, I’m sure some other people will find that sweet eye-candy I’m looking at you Oki and Zero!
So Battle Girls: Time Paradox is about female samurais who share the same names as the famous samurais from Sengoku Period and at the same time Hideyoshi has to study the same topic for school – and that means… HISTORY LESSON YAY!!! *SHOT* WHAT? I LOVE HISTORICAL ANIMES THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOW HISTORICAL STUFF! DESPITE THE FICTIONAL TWIST!
What made me amused from what I seen so far within this episode is how Hideyoshi is handling the situation. She is so caught up with the bad toilet (something we don’t usually since in time traveling scenarios or teleporting to another dimension), no reception from her cellphone and assuming this mission of collecting the remaining parts for the Crimsom Armor is no different than shopping!
Next there’s Oda who has already displayed herself as a the badass character who wants to go on a conquering-spree while hunting down the legendary Crimson Armor. Her companion Mitsuhide on the other hand is someone who uses her head more than following her heart. She also has hinted coughyurialertcough that she might have a crush on Oda.
If there’s one thing that I am very confident about is that Hideyoshi’s teacher is actually Oda Nobunaga. I’m very sure she was the one who had opened the portal and performing that ritual at the shrine in the first place. Also, we were shown here that by the look of it she has been collecting materials from that time period or something.
Clearly the whole idea of Hideyoshi being teleported into the past or whatever (this yet to be confirmed since as the OP has shown, magic or something will also be a source of weapons) will influence Hideyoshi’s studies on the Sengoku Period and can go either way from succeeding or the study backfiring due to the textbook sources not matching with her report.
Last but not least, the animation was very good, and the OP sequence and the brief combat scene we got this episode makes it look even more promising. I’m looking forward to the action in combat! <3
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