Battle Girls – Time Paradox Ep 2: Doing things the Modern Way

Hideyoshi wakes up absent minded and wanders around thinking she’s at home only to find herself snapped out of it when she sees Oda training. After breakfast Oda gives her some material to choose from to make some clothes and then drags her out with her to visit the village that was attacked the night before. Mitsuhide gives a speech to the villagers that doesn’t impress Hideyoshi who suggests that they actually do something that would cheer the villagers up. Oda who isn’t entirely sure what she has in mind, but was curious tells her to show them what she’d do. Hideyoshi starts off by giving a flower to a crying child and then playing some music from her cellphone as she wanders around looking for materials that are still useable. Her clumsy act and positive attitude cheers the villagers up and successfully helps them clean up. When they eat later that evening, Hideyoshi realizes and questions to herself why were there no men.

This episode was super cute and joyable to watch. I’m so plesaed with how Hideyoshi is handling the situation and how she is doing things her own way to keep herself satified. The whole “Fat Kung” cracked me up – moreover I was surprised she was able to pull it off in the first place, considering she never said that she trained doing (perhaps she did by mincing the tv or something – we’ll have to leave it to our own theories hahahaha). Another thing that was charming was how she cheered the villagers up and did something productive unlike Oda and Mitsuhide who sat back and watched into Oda told Mitsuhide to do something. I burst out laughing when she used her cellphone to play music and everyone’s like, “Oooohhh Ahhhhh!!!!” before getting back to buisness. onestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Hideyoshi decided to make something up about her cellphone to defend herself or throw her enemy off.
Next thing that pleased me was they didn’t forget about the talking dog, Shiro. To be honest I had completely forgotten about his appearance in the last episode, it was probably because it didn’t leave such an impact on me. So when he showed up again, it was god to see they filled in that small gap that could have ended up killing alot of time with a small flashback and a funny conversation between Shiro and Hideyoshi. One of the best parts was Hideyoshi using her brain and asking wise questions, while on the other hand she failed miserably when it came to saying ‘wise’ proverb or whatever. Oh and before I forget, it seems that Oda and Mitsuhide are both unaware that Shiro can actually talk, and I got a feeling that his role is supposed to be watching over Hideyoshi since he is the only one who seems to be aware of her current problem.
While we’re on the that subject, it turns out that Hideyoshi was thrown into the distant past, however in a sense she’s in another world which may be the reason why it’s somewhat different from what she was reading from her history textbook.
Lastly, we see this woman here (points to picture below) this is also one of the characters I realized that I didn’t see (I probably missed it) in the OP during the first episode. I think it just cleared up my misunderstanding and assumption that Oda was Hideyoshi’s teacher, but in this case I think it’s this woman instead. So I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next.


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