Battle Girls – Time Paradox Ep 3: BEHOLD, "RECREATION"!

Oda, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshino head out to retrieve the Crimsom Armor’s left leg. However it is currently in the hands of  Yoshimoto
who just happens to not like Oda in particular. She decides to try and make Oda fight against her men, however Oda declines and retreats to her territory to come up with a new plan. Hideyoshino suggests that they use the ‘Recreation’ method, however Oda doesnt’ quite grasp the idea properly and defines it as something else.

Um… Yeah. This episode was an odd one. Today was really just a bunch of nonsense fights with Oda versues Yoshimoto who happen to hate each other’s guts. Hideyoshino suggested to use ‘recreation’ method, but of course Oda completely misunderstands and makes up her own definition. Then there was alot of fan service, from the baths to the fights – and of course the strange angles they used. It was odd, but certainly trying to imply the wrong idea in some cases.
It was interesting to see Ieyasu as the more dishonest type who’d use underhand methods to optain victory, while her master Yoshimoto prefers playing honestly. Ieyasu also mentioned that she has great interest in the Crimson Armor and wouldn’t hesitate to take it for herself after Oda successfully optain all the pieces. Speaking of Yoshimoto, she’s one of those characters who is full of herself, loves attention, passionate about pissing people off, and of course has the infamous, ‘Ohohohohoh’ laughter. Then there’s the bluehead we saw at the end of the last episode. She has been seen keeping an eye on Hideyoshino, but I also wonder if she’s going to try and take the armor herself the minute they gain all the pieces, or maybe she’s just a ninja – who knows? *SHOT*
I don’t have much to say for this episode, I did get a good laugh out of it, but meh – it was a little bit weird for me. Hopefully next week’s would be more interesting. I’m watching this show for some action, not for silly games. It’ll get around to that sooner or later, I’m sure, but for now – this episode just wasn’t that great.


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