[C] Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 2: Burning Future


Yoga is sent in the financial district to have his first deal against a veteran. The kid doesn’t have a clue of what is going on, but his asset takes charge and help him understand how fighting works.


This show really is interesting, surprise happens at every corners.

First, in this episode we were able to witness our second Deal. Those battle for money. While the peaceful nature of Yoga was pissing me of a little, the fact that his asset was such a badass for a rookie make up for it.

An asset is said to be a representation of the future of one individual, most likely meaning that the highest potential you have, the better your asset will be.

Msyu said herself that she was a rookie, but despite that she sure looks like she knows a lot more about this game than Yoga  by a long shot. An other thing I found interesting is the fact that she didn’t know her own name or her power before Yoga told her. This leads me to believe that Assets, when their previous owner dies, are given to a new owner. The assets would then gain that owner’s future name and power. This would explain why Msyu had no idea what her name or what her power was before the fight and also why she knows so much about the Deals and what is going on overall. It would also explain why she has such a strong determination for winning. She might have gone through multiple owner who failed and now she is desperate to find someone who will live long enough to make her fighting worth it. Of course this is just my own theory.

Gotta be ashamed of being protected by a fragile girl

Now what is interesting is the interest everyone is taking for Yoga. Since he is the first newby to win his first match since Mikuni. Mikuni himself wants to know more about this young man. Now what are his intention? Is he working towards helping Yoga so he could gain personal benefit from him? or does he wants to “help” him so he can keep track of him and easily defeat him later on if needs be. This I do not know.

Also that clown Masakaki, I just love that character. Omniscient helping mischievous character. Everyone knows the guy seems to be on a different level of amorality, but the guy is there to help and until he tries anything specific, no one has a reason to attack him. Also, having him around I wouldn’t be able to masturbate ever, it seems he just pop out over your shoulder at all the worst possible time.


One thing I’m happy to see in this episode, Yoga is slowly falling to the dark side, after his fight you notice that he eats more, doesn’t care as much for his future with education now that he has a new source of financial security. But he still fears the power given to him by the Midas financial district…with good reasons I believe.

Now next episode we’ll see what Mikuni’s real intention really are and If Msyu knows Q from somewhere.

Those two Assets have similar form, maybe it means something

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Seeing Msyu in action was amazing

  • Yoga learning and evolving as he learns more about the world around him is quite interesting


I believe this show is going to become one of the top 5 shows of this spring season without much difficulty, its art is amazing, the story seems well thought out and the characters are intriguing and dynamic. What more to say? the only thing that suck about this show is the need to wait one week between each episode !

ZeroG signing off

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