Level E, Episode 13: Baka Meets his Match! [Final Impression]

The episode continues from where Baka tries to get out of an arranged marriage with Princess Luna who he realizes is an impostor who is part of the Magura Freedom Alliance and figures that the real princess and his brother are held captive. Baka decides to try setting them up in return to gain some evidence. However in the mean time, Captain Craft and Sade confront Disckonian Clan not realizing that they were actually corroborating with the impostors find themselves beaten and captured. Sade uses an insect to help them break out and release the princess and the prince being held hostage. Later that evening after having figured out the coded paper that Princess Luna’s impostor wrote up he meets them at their destination where they were supposed to meet where he claims the evidence that she is an impostor.

Final Impression:

This was absolutely brilliant! The way they wrapped this up and tied all the short stories’ events to create a set up was just perfect! What I loved the best was there was another twist involved where as the real princess actually was acting as the impostor and the impostor took the role of being the princess held hostage. I absolutely loved the turn of events, a new side of Baka that impressed me by taking in consideration of how Earth could be put at risk, even though it was probably because he was more concerned about his well being to begin with. Either way the best part about this episode was seeing Baka being outmatched and outsmarted by his fiancee which was a true pleasure to see and was something I was expecting at some point considering he was the one pulling the pranks and making people’s lives miserable whenever he could.
Before I proceed further, lets make this clear about who’s who:
The REAL Female Impostor > ACTED as Princess Luna held in hostage
The REAL Male Impostor > ACTED as Prince Mohan held in hostage
Prince Mohan > REAL brother ACTING as the Impostor
Princess Luna > REAL princess ACTING as the Impostor / Also the one who plotted this whole set up in the first place.
Colin > Didn’t actually betray Dogura but just played the role of the traitor and took advantage of his position to set up the hidden cameras and stuff.
Princess Luna. Last episode they have shown and foreshadowed that the level of her intelligence is almost paring with Baka’s, thus makes her the perfect opponent to plot something against him. I am even more fascinated by her character who was eager to pull this, not to mention had thought about it in the first place, and most importantly had Baka grow interested in her after her major stunt realizing that she isn’t the corny, psycho princess her impostor displayed her to be! Instead she just got brains that will only make his life either miserable or just even more exciting. It can go either way by the look of it. Oh yes and before I forget to mention this, she was also the one who provided Baka’s adorable cat which was shown after the credits. <3
Captain Craft, as usual he was the main source of my laughter this episode. I loved how he thought he was getting pranked by Baka again thinking that Disckonian clan was working alongside him and was just going insane with the idea that he finally had outsmarted his prince. Another thing that killed me was Sade’s obsession with bugs actually came in handy for breaking out. Of course last but not least, the brief combat scene was fun to watch seeing that Baka didn’t even need a weapon to defend himself and considered his brother’s will in attacking him was pathetic compared to Craft actually trying to kill him in the first place.
Last but not least, the animation this episode was stunning, especially for the closure. The vibrance colors were absolutely gorgeous and remained top notched from the beginning till end.
Overall Score:
Level E is a must watch gag fest that will have you laughing almost every episode (almost because there was that one episode that just was boring). Most people had no idea what to make out of this when it was promoting itself in the previews and with the lack of information given at the time. Now most of those people who have given it a chance such as myself seen just how glorious this anime turned out. I must say this is one of best comedy I’ve seen in a very long time, and I must say, possibly the best show of the Winter 2011 season.

Story/Plot: 9/10 – Basically in the end, this entire show was really a set up. So every episode that revolved around different stories had a way of connecting with this plot in the first place. The pace wasn’t something you had to worry about because it all depended on the individual stories’ plot and development. But most importantly, it was unbelievably unpredictable. The previews were always misleading us, there was always a sudden twist – NOT ONCE was there not one. So because you can’t see the ending, it makes you want to watch this more and be eager for the next episode, not knowing what kind of sudden turn it’s going to take.
Characters and Development: 10/10
#1) 98% OF THE CHARACTERS ARE LIKABLE! It’s rare to find a series that allows you to love almost all of cast members!
#2) Captain Craft just being awesome BIAS STATEMENT, I KNOW!
#3) Mostly Unpredictable
Animation Quality: 9/10 – Level E jumps from different style animation depending on the plot of the short story, the setting and the characters. What they did very well was adapting to those settings and making episode episode top notch quality. The one thing that wasn’t so great which is precisely why I am giving this a 9/10 was the overused Digital 2D Digital Animation. While the spaceships and everything were great, there were some such as the puppet from episode 1 was just that ugly.
OST: 8/10 – Honestly I didn’t pay much attention to the OST, but I’ll tell you right now that because this show had so many different genres taking place it created a wider variety I think.


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  1. Completely agree with you!
    Kraft mocking Disckonians was brilliant! I couldn’t stop laughing!
    And, could there be a more perfect ending episode for a show like this like one with a double twist?
    Hands down!

    1. HANDS DOWN INDEED! This show, my god – was just so freaking amazing. I’d love to see a second season, but then again it would probably be best to leave it as it is since it was wrapped up very well. XD Kudos to Captain Craft for being so awesome, I doubt this show would ever been as funny without him.

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