Nichijou Episode 2: 0_0 WEEEEEEIRD…

Everyone, get your brains ready. Why? Because this show is so senseless if watchers are not careful their brains could be damaged. Seriously O_o.

Ohh yes, because everyone happens to see that every morning, I didn't know there were SPECTACULAR ones also!

The 3 school kids are playing the spelling game! They go up the stairs for every syllable that’s contained in the word! This basically ends in a big failure, for the simple reasons that: Blue Hair may be playing fair, but Stupidgirl cheats and in the end Smartgirl owns them with a humongous incantation that is technically one word and that’s another 5 minutes of our lives gone down the drain.
The adventures then follow, one by one, as the episode continues: Bluehair becomes a tax victim of a bear/wrestler thingy that appears to be in fact her sister, Nano the robot has rollcakes coming out of her arm as weird as that is, I kinda wish someone close to me could do that…, Bluehair draws inappropriate things in her math notebook… Gee, this is pretty eventful, despite the fact that my brain cells kinda shattered after the first few seconds into it O_O.
…This show is weeeeird…
To be honest, I never really liked the show Azumanga Daioh, and I find Nichijou to be basically the same thing. It’s random, pointless, nothing makes sense and only kinda funny. Some people may like this show, however it doesn’t fit my style much.
Moreover, I thought at first it would be fine to blog, however I realized afterwards that it just would be completely stupid since there is nothing to blog about. First of all, my summaries will be crap, because I have absolutely nothing to summarize, and then I realized my impression wouldn’t be much better, why? Because there is nothing for me to reflect on. Every week, the only thing I would repeat over and over again would be how weird and absolutely retarded this show is.
So basically, unless someone ABSOLUTELY BEGS ME to blog this which I doubt because the show isn’t all that great I will not be taking care of it no more. I might still watch it, though. Despite its weirdness, the show brings me intense fascination and I seem to always want to watch more… (O_O Hypnosis… I’m sure that’s it!)
Anyways… As for this actual episode, I thought we had a pretty fine introduction to the characters, I mean the professor was a real cutie pie and represented well how a kid would react if suddenly she could invent anything. Poor Nano though, she must feel so used!
The other 2 characters we saw, Sasahara and the gun girl, we’re pretty funny, I love the gun girl already, don’t even ask why I mean, her nickname kinda gives it away already. Sasahara himself isn’t very interesting he kinda pisses me off, but his servant though is AWESOME. He can dress up his Master while they are walking? Win.
Anyways, that is all you will get to read about Nichijou on this blog! I’m off~

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