Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 2: Great Potential!

I like this! It would absolutely suck if this show were to crush my hopes and turn out to be horrible in a few episodes!Let’s just skip the first scene. Please. Quite frankly, I’m not interested in seeing girls touching each others’ boobs, and most of all seeing guys masturbating while looking at them is definitely not my cup of tea.
ANYWAYS, after the opening, we meet once again Daro, the man who’s always looking for jobs and money that we met last episode. Otori Naru, a small girl who is related to someone Daro knows, needs help in order for someone to find her bike. While Naru is a really quiet girl, Daro is someone who acts like a complete jerk because he is in fact really shy Tehe, cute.  The scene then changes to Chitose, the idiot who believes he’s a ladies man when he really isn’t.

Then again, he is pretty. If he wasnt such an idiot...

This time, we learn that he works for the school newspaper, and he has to write an introduction for Tama Izumi. After a short scene where his friend Kakeru completely makes fun of him, he introduces himself properly to the girl, then makes himself look like an idiot again because he is, only for Izumi to follow his idiocy and take him seriously.
After Chitose has broken down because he looked like a complete idiot, it’s now time for the mixer, and the bartender Karuo has decided to invite another girl, the girl being Tamaizumi Hiyoko, who turns out to be “the” Tama Izumi from before, however not the Tama Izumi that he needed to make an article on FAIL.
The mixer still happens however, and everyone seems to be having fun, until Chitose denies his newly found feelings decides to avoid a question concerning Tama’s book that he hasn’t read and rants on and on about gym shorts and how there’s a monster walking around who always asks for blue gym shorts as retarded as this is, the fact that he managed to talk for so long about freakin’ gym shorts deserves some praise. Then, the episode ends.
My last sentence for this summary was as abrupt as the end of this episode. It was there on purpose.
Seriously, the show was going well and I was really enjoying what I was watching, and then it ended so abruptly, without anything to make it look like the episode was going to finish. :O WHY U SO MEAN?!
Boobies. *Is only stating facts*

Anyways… The first 5 minutes of this episode almost traumatized me! Seriously, I usually kinda tolerate fanservice More like I got used to it, however the ejaculation part was just… Ew.
As for the rest of the episode, right now there seems to be 3 stories going on at the same time, and they all have great potential. The first one which I didn’t mention in my summary because the scene showed nothing much involves the prince Nobunaga and the girl he keeps stalking staring at, the second one is most likely between Daro and Naru, and the third pairing seems to be for Chitose and Tamaizumi. To be honest, apart from the first one which we know barely anything about, all the pairings seem pretty interesting, and I am eager to see more of this!
Personally, I like Tawaizumi and Chitose the most, and look at that, they’re a possible pairing! Chitose might be a complete idiot, he’s still really energetic, really funny, and stands out from the rest, in my opinion. As for Tamaizumi, she’s not shy, a little naughty however not slutty and desperate either, and I find her to be really cute!
Overall, I think this show has a great potential. Minus the first scene for both episodes, the fanservice is quite tolerable, and the show is really funny. This actually kind of looks like a show meant to please both guys and girls. There’s some nice romance and good looking guys, yet there’s also fanservice and good looking girls and boobies. Moreover, the art is GORGEOUS and the show is really funny. The only bad points to it would be the fanservice at the beginning and the really abrupt ending we were confronted with at the end of this episode.
Once more, this show has made me happeh and I will not be dropping this as of yet I would hate to be disappointed… So much 🙁.
And so, I am gone~!

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