Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 3: Ootori Naru is SO SWEET!

Please note: This show does not have a first scene. The show always starts off on a second scene, as we witness the first one and are so traumatized by the amounts of fanservice in it that we purposely ignore it and forget it.
SO. This week, Chitose has started working with the bartender and Tamaizumi at Alexander. Tamaizumi is then forced to take care of
his training AHEMAHEMitwasn’tplannedatall. Right before doing so, she thanks him for having said that he loved the book although he hasn’t read it yet… But that’s just details… Right? and this really cute scene is then cut off because she shows him the book he needs to memorize for the training let’s just say the Bible seems small compared to it.
Chitose is about to get home, and he meets his sister coming right out of the house, Kobato. He talks to her a little bit, then she leaves and he goes inside, calling his newspaper boss in order for him to be able to make an article on both Tama Izumis. He then begins reading Tamaizumi’s book the Tamaizumi he likesAHEM I mean the one he’s working with, and the scene changes to another pairing that we met last week, Daro and Naru!
It looks as though Naru is a lot less shy than before, and as she looks for her bike with Daro, she shows way too much affection for the guy, who seems to be very shy and quiet with his emotions awesome pairing right there.  They are having a cute conversation, when suddenly the Yanigahara Flame Birds come in and start talking to Naru. I won’t go into details, but these guys look like total losers despite their awesome raps.
Anyways, after this scene is over, it’s time for Naru to leave, and another really cute scene happens where Naru’s open feelings and Dora’s very closed up feelings meet and make us well, me go “Awwwwww” ^.^
Daro is then walking back, and on the way he meets the Yanigahara flame birds again, this time they are busy fighting another gang of thugs. IT’S A THUG WAR!! Daro stays there and watches, and it’s getting really serious when at the end of the episode he finally comes in between and stops the fight, because he is a peaceful person who doesn’t start wars for no reason he’s way cooler, he STOPS them. That’s right.

*sparkly eyes* You are so awesome.

Once again, I got this weird impression that the episode was ending abruptly O.o Not as much as last week, but I still got that feeling and it’s… weird…
Anyways. This show is AWESOME. I love almost everything about it.
The characters that we have met so far have really cool and most of all original personalities. Chitose doesn’t seem to be as idiotic as what I thought he was going to be, and Tamaizumi is also really awesome considering she’s so polite yet SO EVIL on the inside. On the other hand, we have Daro who’s this shy, cool guy and he fits in perfectly with the open, nice, kind and absolutely fucking adorable Naru! Oh my God, I swear this girl is SO AWESOME, I love her! Lolitas for the win! no, I’m not a perv. Just a girl who kinda wished she’d had a sister that would act like her because she’s so damn lovely.

The Daro and Naru pairing is really nice! I just love how completely opposite these 2 are, they actually go well together because of that and I find them just plain cute.
The show in itself really brings in tons of genres together, and it’s all tied in really well, which makes it interesting for pretty much anyone. There’s a lot more romance than I thought it would have at first, and this week I was mostly surprised by the thug war. I mean, this show seemed pretty carefree, but when that came along I was surprised by the suspense and action that was put into it! Heck, we even got a bloodspill fuck yes, I’m impressed.
Oh, and I’ve said it already, and I’ll say it again. This show is absolutely gorgeous. I could just look at everything for hours and hours and still not be satisfied by how amazingly beautiful everything is, especially the character designs. Everyone is SOOOO pretty!!! Chitose especially 🙂 Don’t mind my fangirling by the way, hehe.

It might have been because I’m an absolute romance freak and I just plain love it, but I find the show to be so well done, and I really like it so far, I’m absolutely impressed by the goodness of it. I have no idea what other people might think of it, but I seriously find that, including the said first scene that I simply can’t watch because I HATE SEEING WAY TOO MANY BOOBIES, this show is fit for all types of watchers, girls and guys included. I wouldn’t suggest it for kids though… I wouldn’t want to traumatize them with BOOBIES.
With this, I am gone! I hope you enjoyed 😀

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