Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 4: …I'm confused… But THIS IS GREAT! :D

WOOOOOOH, PLOT!!! LOTS OF IT!!! I’M SO INTO THIS!The first couple we are shown this time are Dora and Naru, still looking for Naru’s lost bike. The short little girl though saw this as a date, and since Dora shows up late she gets mad at him and makes him hold her hand omfg. I don’t think this girl can get any cuter. After they have started walking, they are intercepted by Kouda Ai, a girl in the same class as Naru who now has a serious jealousy complex because she wants Dora to herself. Some childish rivalry goes on, then Alice, a tiny little child, comes in and mentions the fact that Dora is a loli fan who plays strip rock-paper-scissors with her all the time bwahaha.
Ai then becomes friends with Naru, and Dora’s real name is revealed, he’s in fact called Hayato. As Naru repeats it, Hayato goes all shy and nervous Tehe, and in the end more childish rivalry happens and the Yanigahara Flame Birds appear, rapping badly as usual.
Hayato decides to go look for information on the R-Wing, the gang that attacked the Flame Birds last episode, and goes into a net cafe with the Ai and Naru, who end up doing very inappropriate things and are kicked out of the cafe in the end thank god.
It is now time for the second half, involving the second couple! Chitose goes to work, where Tamaizumi has a bit of trouble getting a box that is too high for her. Chitose looks at her, then she goes to get a chair and Chitose offers to hold it when you should have seen this coming oh look at that, Tamaizumi falls on him, panties on head.
After a short conversation where it is hinted that Chitose may be the kind of guy “who gets bored once he gets what he wants” you better not be like that or I’ll chop your head off, we see a pretty intense scene involving Kakeru almost punching the really annoying Hino, then Chitose fights against a creepy guy in order to protect Tamaizumi and in the end we learn that the 3 guys we have seen so far are in fact the exact same person …Wait, WHAT?! WTF? HUH?! I don’t get it!!!!.

Thus was my reaction.

That’s right. Nobunaga has mornings, Chitose has afternoons and Hayato has nights. 3 different personalities, 3 different persons, somehow all the same person yet different… WHAT THE SHIZZLE?!
Woah, woah, woah, WOAH. Did I get this right? Does this show have much more plot than I thought it had? O_o
I’m slightly confused… BUT SO INTO THIS! Oh my God this is simply amazing. The show is funny, romantic, has fanservice which I don’t like too much but other people might find it funny and lots of promising plot. First off, I never expected the thugs to come back and to be a part of the plot, it looks like they might end up bringing in tons of action instead of just being losers who fail at rapping. The R-Wings seem dangerous, I wonder what’s going to happen there.
Moreover, that intense plot twist at the end made me wonder about A LOT of things. I think it has to do with what Nobunaga said in the first episode about him coming from another planet, which I didn’t think was going to be that important despite my hopes but apparently it is. Let’s just say it made me really happy despite confusing me completely. I seriously can’t wait until the next episodes for them to explain more in details what the hell is going on.
Now, about this episode. Naru was, once again, incredibly adorable and I swear I love that girl so much, especially since she’s paired up with a tough character. Ai doesn’t stand a chance… Seriously, that girl is trying to win over Hayato but it’s never gonna work. Anyways…
Plotwise, I’m also curious about Kakeru’s attitude in this episode. For some reason, he was really on edge because of some injury, and he seemed pretty violent, too. There seems to be another side plot starting on that side too…
So basically, this was a plot episode, filled with humour, fanservice and cute moments. What could you want more? 😀

2 thoughts on “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 4: …I'm confused… But THIS IS GREAT! :D

  1. this episode was just awesome!
    i was planning to drop this anime if this episode was boring but the last part was epic.
    i think Kakeru might be the same type of person like that guy (3 soul in 1 body) because like Naru’s brother (dont know whats his name) was shot on the left arm and Kakeru left arm hurts.
    other than that this anime is gonna be sweet XD

    1. I hadn’t realized that Kakeru’s arm hurting could have been linked to that, but now that you mention it, that would be AWESOME! I’m so into this! XD

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