Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 2: This isn’t love


The team is going through their last phase of the cycle, meaning Takano is screaming at people to finish in time while the rest of the team is sleeping exhausted at their desks. But during that day Onodera finally remembered where he first met Takano.


The episode begin in the worst phase of all, the last few days before the mangas are released, everyone is nearing death. Except for Takano, who’s working quite hard on his part of the job…YELLING AT PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT WHO CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT.


I really love the character of Takano, he has this weird way of being the most awesome person on earth while insulting and degrading everyone around him. I really wish I could be that guy. Also he seem to enjoy tortures just a little bit. Notice how he already knew he would get another day for the drawer to finish their work but didn’t told them before they were about to slash their wrist? That is what I love about the guy. He can torture someone and push them to their complete limit, but everyone still loves him.

Looks like they need to kiss each other atleast once per episode

Now for the story itself. Onodera finally realized his boss was his first and last lover. Even if the term lover might be an overstated from what I’ve seen, since they seemingly only had a single date before Onodera roundhouse kick him and ran away. That guy seem to be even worse than me with those kinds of things !

Alright so turn out Onodera was in love with Takano, but because Takano was a brat back then and that Onodera was already such a coward and a loser, things ended up not going too well in the communication department. Takano had a false laugh to hide his insecurity and Onodera, insecure as he is, saw the action as an act of provocation and quickly jumped to conclusion and did a Roundhouse kick.

Now what is interesting, is that Takano is interested in going out with Onodera, but Onodera is still so insecure that he can’t even accept love in his life. He had such a first bad experience that he believes the only way he could protect himself from more pain is to hide his real feelings and stay away from any potential love that could occur in his life.

While this will indeed protect him from the pain of love, it will in no way improve his life on the long-term. Since the only way to progress in life is to fight your fear, doing what he does won’t let him reach happiness in  his life anytime soon.

Now we can get ready to see an awesome hunt that will happen in the following episodes. Takano will be looking for a way to make Onodera fall for him again, while Onodera will find so many reason not to love his first lover.

sometimes, life hates you

Also, now they live right next to each other, they can have kinky time much more easily, gogogo yaoi porn.

Things I liked about the episode:

  • Takano was awesome, the way how he handle his employees, priceless

  • when Onodera finally realized who Takano really was


I love the fact that this show is a yaoi, it leaves out any kind of ecchi possible and only keeps the interesting part of a relationship inside, meaning, emotional and psychological dilemma. I’m looking forward to see the characters of the show evolves and learn more about each other and themselves in the process.

ZeroG signing off.

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