Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi episode 3: Love cannot be avoided


Ritsu is working for the first time on editing a storyboard for the manga, but he has to be careful in his work, otherwise he will end up being alone with Takano again and who knows what could happen if this was to occur.


This episode was interesting, after this third episode we get the general pattern of the show. Each episode will illustrate a new side of the work needed to be done before a manga is published and the rest of the show will be the romantic struggle between our two lovers, Ritsu and Takano.

Now this episode we learned that Takano was kind-of dating-not-sure-what-kind-of-relationship with another coworker. But even if he is seeing that guy, he doesn’t seem to care for him all that much, all Takano’s interest goes to Ritsu.

Now Ritsu is doing a horrible job at avoiding Takano. I mean yes he did dodge him nearly every time he ended up near him, but still. He is so obviously trying to avoid him that I believe Takano is getting turned on by his actions.

Takano did rape Ritsu at the end of the episode, might be gay rape, but a rape is a rape. But then again  I can understand Takano, it was just about 2 am, he helped the guy for some hours, he wasn’t wrong to expect a just reward. Don’t judge me if I rape every one in my house past 2 am.

I think Ritsu must have some kind of rape fetish, oh nvm, that's me

Still Takano seems to be quite the forceful character, then again it might be why he is so good at his job.

Despite being rape, Ritsu didn’t seemed too traumatized about the situation, hell he looked a lot like someone who enjoy himself when their deepest fantasy comes true. Is it rape if the mouth say no but the heart says yes? I think it still is… that’s sad.

Now all there is left to know is what will be the other guy reaction after he saw Takano was raping someone else than him in his room.

He looks like a rape witness...oh wait

Overall I really love this show, I don’t really care that it is a yaoi up to now, the romance is well done and the show well paced. Anyway I’ve fap to trap before, I can handle the yaoi just fine.  The characters are still interesting and from Ritsu childishness to Takano’s awesomeness, there is always something to love in each of them.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • I love how Takano rape Ritsu at least once each episode


While this show will never be a MUST SEE, it is far from the standard boring romance, the show as a deeper feel than most other anime of the same genre. The only thing I hope is that something important will happen in the show before the end that will make this show more than a simple one-sided chase for love.

ZeroG signing off

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