Steins;Gate Episode 2: Corn and Bananas


Hououin is trying to find some clues as to what really happened and what never happened. But the clues seems to have never existed to begin with, what terrible truth is there to find?


A week later, and this show is still fucking awesome! This week was still as confusing as ever, and I did my best to write some kind of summary for the episode without spoiling anything.

Now what happened in this episode? lets try to do a quick recap

We met with 4 new characters, there is this guy called Ruka who is the son of an exorcist and acts and dress like a girl. There is the new energetic and naïve girl working as a part-timer at the Television shop. There is the weird confused most-likely-time-traveler lady who takes pictures to try to have proof of where she has been and finally there is the cat-girl with purple hair at the cafe. Why don’t we start but looking a bit deeper into each of those characters?

Ruka Urushibara


This sword wielding…man? is a friend of Hououin. Our favorite mad scientist bought him his sword. Now this is quite shocking for me, I found her to be cute…before I learned he was a man. I was so convinced he was she, I taught that Hououin was delirious when he kept repeating to himself that Ruka was a man. I believed he was trying to protect his thoughts in some way or form so he could manage to not think of her as a sexual being of the opposing sex. While I was right in that he was desperately trying to convince himself that she was a he so he would not feel sexually or emotionally attracted to Ruka, I had the facts all wrong


He’s not trying to imagine she’s a guy in order to save their friendship, HE IS A GUY! That’s what I call a beautiful trap, I would tap that even if it has a penis, I’ll just have to close the light and I’ll never realize it anyway.

Suzuha Amane

That girl sure is energetic
That girl sure is energetic

She is the new part-timer at the TV store under Hououin’s secret lab of doom. I really liked how she aced the interview.

No but seriously I wish I could get a job that easily, “Name, Age, Reason to work here, Hired”. The girl is just as naïve as just about every friend of Hououin (except for Itaru). It seems every lunatic in town lives somewhere close around him. Is there really anyone sane who would believe a word of what this crazy scientist says?

I have so many corny jokes in mind
I have so many corny jokes in mind

Ok now one thing I’m confused about, Amane came out of the shop, but the shopkeeper was waiting for her outside wasn’t he? why was she already inside for the interview before it occurred without the shopkeeper even noticing her? SHE MUST BE A TIME TRAVELER!!! or there is a more logical reason and this is just a slight oversight from the producers. Still the fact that this girl has never seen any corn makes me wonder what else this girl is unaware of.

Moeka Kiryū

I love expressionless women
I love expressionless women

Now this girl is quite interesting. She wanders about during her day taking pictures of what she sees as evidence. Evidence for what? Here is my theory. She is affected by the same kind of time paradox as Hououin is, but since she is not bat shit crazy to begin with like him, it has confused her and brought her to her current state of complete disconnection with the world. What would this mean? this mean she is in some way related to what is going on, and she is trying to make sense of what she is seeing by keeping every memory of her day on her phone. It looks like the cellphone in this show are either unaffected by the time paradox changes or they are the reason they happen.

She must have some embarrassing pictures on there
She must have some embarrassing pictures on there

Now to return to our dear mysterious women. I believe she is on the edge of breaking down and becoming 100% insane. The way she holds her phone like if it was the last thing keeping her alive, she is nearing the end of her reserve of sanity and reason. Lets hope that Hououin can find an answer to his own question in order to save this poor lady.

Feiris Nyannyan

Cat I

Here comes another naïve girl who happens to be friend with Hououin. How can a guy this insane be liked by so many girls? how does this work ! Anyway. This girl is just as creative as our mad genious, she plays along in his delirious stories and seems to really like his company. What I found hilarious was the fact that Hououin was completely uninterested in her because “she was always telling lies”. This is quite the hypocritical comment, I love it.

Beside the fact that she was dress in a cat costume, she was a rather uninteresting character for the moment.

This is all for our new characters. Now to go back to the story.

Ok first of all, Hououin got OWNED by Makise.

This is the difference between a mad scientist and a real scientist
This is the difference between a mad scientist and a real scientist

Now, what is interesting to note is that this girl might be more knowledgeable about time travel than we might believe. I think she might know a lot more than she let us believe and that the only reason she denies the existence of time travel is to cover her true knowledge, maybe to avoid being stabbed, oh wait.

I mean at the end of the episode what happened with the banana, she was there lurking in the dark commenting on their experiment, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the next episode.

Also fuck ya bananas

Yummy, a time-traveling banana goo
Yummy, a time-traveling banana goo


So, what we learned right there? the banana went back in time to return to where it was about 1:20 before they’ve put it in the microwave, the banana successfully travelled back in time yai ! unfortunately it also became some kind of green goo, but what ever right!

Next week episode will be episode, I can smell it from here !

Things I liked about this episode:

  • How Hououin was putting back together the pieces to try to figure out what is going on

  • Test with banana = success


This show is even more awesome than I expected it to be, some people might disagree with me, but this is 100% the kind of anime I love, confusing, dark and unexpected. Let’s see how confuse this show will get me next week !

ZeroG signing off…to a parallel timeline

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  1. CLAPS Dude I think this is your best entry yet! XD Good to see you have finally found something to go nuts about!!! XD

    1. It is unfortunate that there is a better correlation between explicit picture of nudity and views than there is with quality of the entry and views though

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