Steins;Gate episode 3: SERN are evil time travellers


The team members of the Future Gadget Lab are trying to experiment with their microwave in order to understand what happened with the bananas, but in the process of redoing the experiment, all hell break loose in the lab.intro11


I don’t know if it is me, but this episode felt a bit more on the ordinary side this time around.

While it was still funny for the most part because of Hououin’s insanity and Makise childish behavior towards him, the show was missing a lot of the original “confusion” element. The story was quite straight forward and there was not much twist anywhere, except for the discovery that SERN is an evil mastermind organization that wish to control the world.

I like them big black juicy bananas too

Now what happened this episode? Makise found the lab, helped the guy out about 5 minutes and then ran away when she realize it was a time machine? Now first, why would she be so shocked by that discovery? and this is what I mean.

This girl proves to Hououin that time travel is impossible, she did it in a “in your face” fashion in front of many people and she is a whole lot more knowledgeable than Hououin in any kind of science what so ever.

Therefore, why would she feel so shocked when Hououin just shout out a theory, without any proof, about a microwave that acts like a time travelling machine? Yes the cell phone went back to the past, but I mean there are just about a thousand way to explain why the cellphone would mess up, it was directly next to an exploding microwave after all. But no, Makise just takes Hououin sudden inspiration for a hard and solid reality. This means one of two things to me, either one: Makise knows a lot more about this than we believe she knows or two,  her character is bipolar and her personality isn’t well done  and this show suck.

Because I’m such a fan boy of this show, I’ll believe in option one for now, it will be the reason until I am proven wrong.

This is why we can
This is why we can

Now something I always find quite interesting is the discussion Hououin has with this John Titor guy from the future.

Now beyond the fact that someone from the future decided to communicate on a website full of trolls and hoped to be taken seriously, what I found interesting is to learn the story of his world. Now for some reason I just love made up history of the future or make up past. I like to see and imagine the world if this or that would have happened differently, and this is what the show basically offers.

Now the crazy part, SERN is an evil organization that will rule the world? I guess people are still terrified and mesmerized by the power of the Large Hadron Collider if they are basing an entire conspiracy around that wonder of a tool. Still in the anime they have the right to be terrified, because SERN did create micro black-hole (which in reality evaporate in less than femtosecond because of the Hawking Radiation) and it seems that they are trying to use it for something. I could take a vague guess and say that it is for time travelling purpose, and that would most likely be right since this is what the show is about and it has been said that they created a time machine by the year 2036.  Now the last bit of information we learned was that they had a human died in one of their experiment. What I guess happened there is simply that they did a test similar to Hououin with the bananas, but with a human instead. Seeing the result with the bananas, I guess the human must have looked the same.

We can.
We can.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • the conversation with the time traveler was awesome


This was in no way a bad episode, but compared to the first two episodes complex storyline, this one was quite straight forward and in a show about time travel, following a continuous timeline is never a good sign. Nevertheless, this is most likely a simple introduction for a more complex and interesting twist starting next week.

ZeroG signing off.

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