The World Only God Knows II Episode 3: Another Demon is in Town!

The title says it: Another Demon, Haqua, has showed up and she’s a former classmate of Elci. She’s also a part of the Loose Soul team, in fact she seems to be even more important than that, she’s a section chief cool.It takes a few seconds and we realize that, she may be important, but she is incredibly self-centered and arrogant. It takes even less long however for Keima to destroy all that confidence and ignore her 3 times over. Afterwards, Elci continues to talk with Haqua, and states that she has captured only 5 loose souls in 2 months she doesn’t know if it’s good or bad.  Haqua says that she has captured around 10, however simply by the way she has talked it’s most likely not true wow, such a see-through personality, once again and it also seems as though Elci has caught a very good amount in such a short period of time.
Elci then receives an emergency message from the chief, stating that there’s a loose soul that escaped it’s on the loose, haha drum beats. Haqua says that “she will go get it, and she doesn’t need any help!” fine then, be that way. She goes into the school by herself, then gets lost, and Keima goes to her, blackmailing her asking if she needs any help. He sees through her as well as I have, then they start looking around, however they find nothing.
Haqua then gives information to Keima about what a loose soul actually is and how the Demon world works, and then they start their search again. Keima finally finds the loose soul and meets up with Elci, while the loose soul is now humongous and very weird looking O_o.
Uhhh, I don’t know what to think of this episode… While the actual starting arc deceives me a lot because it’s once again super predictable, I also like the fact that we learned a lot of information on the loose souls and the actual demons. It filled in a pretty big hole in the plot, and I have a much better understanding of how all this works out. I’ve also realized how much Elci was

Stop avoiding that gaze, we all know you're lying already.

incompetent… Seriously, if it wasn’t for Keima she’d have no loose souls captured either Then again, I guess that having asked Keima in the first place wasn’t so dumb...
I don’t really like this arc right now. It’s obvious that Haqua is the next loose soul Keima will be conquering after taking care of the big beast hanging out in the theater. She’s really low on confidence, and feels very useless. I was kinda surprised though, I thought at first the loose soul on the loose drum beats once again at this terrible pun would be inside of her, but I guess that’s not possible…
I also kinda liked how much Keima’s intelligence came through in this episode. Before, although he was very good at conquering girls, he always had the “gamer” part of him taking over, however this time it showed that he really was smart, and not just in conquering girls, but in logical thinking as well. He really is a nice protagonist for this anime.
Anyways. This episode was half-good, half-bad. We’ll see how next week goes!

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3 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Hmm, I believe that Haqua’s charm is meant for the male audience. She is very much like Hinagiku from Hayate the Combat Butler (both series are published in the same magazine). Haqua’s value from what I’ve read isn’t one big impact in any arc in particular, but rather her being integrated into the main cast later on into the series.
    A lot would say she has the main “tsundere” role for the series since Mio will barely appear again after her arc finished. After reading into the series for awhile I think that she helps complete the ‘roster’ of character types and I am glad for her being in the series.
    A popularity poll on the author’s site ranked Haqua as 2nd and Elsie as 1st, though admittedly Elsie only got more popular after the anime series started (because she was depicted as being more cute in the anime than in the manga).
    Here’s a link to the blog (got it from reading the TWoGK manga thread in the animesuki forums):
    Also the character songs (and a lot of Kanon songs) are out already, though the season 2 songs are not yet released. ^_^

    • Myst says:

      Ohh, then that makes it all the better! I thought Haqua would simply be another character like all the other girls who just shows up and disappears, for us to never see again. For her personality to be like that, I find it a little predictable how the end of the arc is going to turn out. As an actual main character though I can definitely tolerate her more, because it’s true that most shows need a tsundere character :P.

      • ryvrdrgn14 says:

        So much more in terms of story, plot, and development down the line, that is why I keep praying for more anime seasons. T_T

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