Bomber is taken to the momentum chamber where Rudger tells him he will become a Dark Signer who refuses to and kills him himself. Meanwhile Crow stubbles out of a fridge that he used to hide in when the fog swarmed the city. Horrified and worried, he rushes back to his home hoping the kids he took care of would be all right. When no one comes out, he screams in frustration and despair. Filled with fury he goes out to hunt down a Dark Signer and challenges Bomber who is now a Dark Signer to a duel in Yusei’s place.


It was good to see that Rua’s and Ruka’s duel has finally ended which have shown those DM spirits that have been sacrificed can be saved afterall – unless there’s only hope for the duel monsters, and I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case. So in the end characters’ like Martha will probably end up being saved after all.
When Rudger decided to make Bomber a Dark Signer, I really shouldn’t have been laughing when Bomber was killed. It was just how it was done. The guy was like, “Hey man you want revenge and all and so like, I’m going to kill you so you can become a Dark Signer and get super uber powers!”
Then Bomber was like, “WTF are you talking about?”
Then BAM, he drops through (although it would’ve been funnier seeing him pushed off the edge) and the guy catches him with a rope around his neck and basically hangs him. Now that is damn brutal way to die. Rudger was pretty well prepared to hunt down a backup victim and manage to redirect and twist their revenge towards Yusei by telling Bomber he must defeat him first before he will be able to proceed seeking revenge against Godwin. Actually wouldn’t it just be faster to just speed off and look for the guy? Yusei is too caught up with all this batshit going on nor would he care COUGHokaysohewouldCOUGH about what happens to Godwin.
Anyhow Crow is badass. I know he is, you know he is, there’s no denying it. At first I thought he had implanted a bomb going on how they will both go down and if Bomber ran, he’d chase him all around the city (LOL WHICH HE’D TOTALLY DO AND SOMETHING I’D LIKE TO SEE AS WELL FOR THE HELL OF IT). Crow has proven in the previous episodes that he is talented at bluffing which gives him a lot of advantages when it comes to dueling someone who takes body language very seriously. Anyhow I’m looking forward to seeing how their duel turns out.
Yusei, god damn it. I was right! He will pop up at just about every battle! Well I suppose this is exceptional since he knows it’s someone who isn’t a signer and he is ‘too-nice-of-a-person’ to turn a blind eye on. Also, Ushio was rather unreliable when it comes to supervising the twins since he freaks out so easily and when he actually saw Regulus and Ancient Fairy Tail talking to them he passed out. LMAO!!!


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