Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 53: Forget Revenge

Crow finds himself in a pinch and critically injured. He relies on his traps to get him out of the mess and destroys both Giant Bomber Airraid and Dark Flattop in one turn. However as result of Dark Sea Rescue being sent to the graveyard, Bomber was able to draw a card, that could special summon an Earthbound God be it in his deck or graveyard. Crow relies on more tricks to escape the wrath of Earthbound God Chacu Challhuaa and just when he finally had his chance, he witnesses many young faces of the souls that were sacrificed. Both he and Yusei had to nag Bomber to look up and see for himself. With Bomber returning to his senses, he realizes that iti was not the Crimsom Dragon’s fault, but in fact the Dark Signers. Just when he was going to let Crow simply end the duel by delivering that final blow, the darkness takes over and skips Crow’s turn because he was taking too long. Crow manages to avoid being killed by using his trap Parasite Mind to activate his opponent’s permanent trap, Basara as a shield since the Earthbound Gods effects only influence his traps. With that he releases his Silver Wind to destroy Chacu Challhuaa and deals the final blow and won the duel.

Crow is truly amazing. He was able to prove you don’t have to be ‘chosen by the stars’ in order to defeat the Dark Signers. He managed to pull it off with only one hundred life points remaining and a few broken ribs, (I am more amazed he is able to stand and walk). Bomber, since he had been revived, just like Rally, he disappeared into particles. He asked Yusei to promise him that he will defeat the Dark signers.
For the whole development, it’s now confirmed that the souls that have been taken were set free the moment the Dark Signer was defeated. So judging that Yusei and everyone else defeats their enemies, they should be able to get Martha and the kids back. The one thing that I’m trying to figure out is, what happen to those who became a Dark Signer and that goes for Bomber, Carly and Kiryu. Unlike the other souls that were alive when they were taken, these three were actually killed (Kiryu yet to be confirmed, but judging the way they become Dark Signers in the first place it’s probably the case.) There’s one thing though that I wouldn’t have minded seeing as an outcome to this duel – Crow losing. Of course Crow’s a cool character, why would we want him to lose? This is where my curiosity gets the better of me. What would happen if Crow were to lose the duel? Would his soul be taken and treated like a sacrifice or be transformed into a Dark Signer? I have heard around the net that Crow was originally supposed to be a Dark Signer – which is too bad, because I would have liked to see how that turned out.

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