Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 54: Sacrificing Friendship

Yusei meets with Kiryu again to have their rematch. The flashback begins filling in the missing details from the previous ones. Turns out that after they managed to succeed taking over Satellite, Kiryu just was satisfied alone and hunted any gangs down who had duel disks and destroyed them. Crow was the first person to step up and not attack someone. Instead he told them to run. As result Kiryu punched him in the gut and the two had to be held back by Jack and Yusei from beating up each other. Crow said he had enough of what they did and left, seconds later Jack did the same without saying a word. That only left Kiryu and Yusei. One day the two of them saw the security riding around on D-Wheels, Kiryu gets an idea that they should mess with them and it would be their final battle. He asks Yusei to hunt down Jack and Crow to help them do this mission, instead Yusei protests, then decided to leave the team as well. He had though that Kiryu wouldn’t dare to mess with the cops – but how wrong he was.
Kiryu snapped. He set off bombs at the security building in New Domino, forcing the security to make an appearance in Satellite. After Crow got the news the cops were after Kiryu he rushed to tell Jack, likewise Yusei where the three of them went back to their base in hope that they could stop him and put an end to it. The concluded the flashback for this episode. During the duel Yusei manages to keep himself emotionally and mentally stabled. He changed his strategy so that he could face Kiryu’s Handless-Combo, however continues to struggle in the duel.

We got a whole lot more explanation about what happened in the past regarding Kiryu and Yusei’s so-called ‘betrayal’. Like Yusei said, Kiryu totally snapped. He was going mad, he was obsessed with the idea of dirty dueling, being victorious and so on. I mean for god sakes, he set up a fucking bomb in the security building and blew it up (not completely) but certainly there was probably people killed by that attack!!!!
I don’t blame Jack and Crow for leaving him one bit.  Somehow I’m not surprised to see it was Crow who was first to step up and protest against their actions, and finally leave the group. Once he did that, Jack quickly followed behind leaving Yusei the only one who decided not to give up on Kiryu. I felt bad for Yusei because at times like that, it’s really hard to let go of a friend you care about, only forced to come back in order to help them and bam – next thing you know you are called a traitor. Considering the flashbacks, I think it’s clear there was a big misunderstanding. The security guy who pats him on the shoulder, I am confident Yusei did not work with him. Yusei isn’t that kind of guy, so I am not expecting that to be the case.
As for the duel, this time Yusei has come completely prepared to face Kiryu’s infamous handless combo and go head on by countering with effects and traps cards. He managed to pretty much avoided what could have been his second lost if he hadn’t regained his LP earlier on considering now he’s half way down again.
Aside all this, what the hell is Jack doing still driving around? Is he lost by any chance? Oh wait that goes for everyone else as well. : They have no sense of direction do that? *SHOT*


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