Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 56: Fudo Yusei Must Die! – According the Rudger that is…

Godwin makes his appearance and has some sort of conversation with his brother. After that Rudger goes to battle Yusei who acted a bit naïve when it came to attacking. Crow on the other hand has discovered the Security folks in the area and decided to investigate.


. _ . A lot of people want Yusei killed eh. I wonder why is that? What makes him such a great victim for this sort of thing? Gosh, so much hate for the poor guy. Anyhow I found Yusei was a bit naïve to start off with. I mean seriously, did he honestly forget Rudger was setting up a plan to counter him? Man, it certainly came back to bite him after Rudger had successfully summoned his Earthbound God Uru, and kicked Yusei’s ass and knocked him down to 100 LP. Talk about a rought start.
I’m curious about what Rudger and Godwin are up to and what is this promise they are talking about. Assuming that Rudger defeated him in a duel since he has shown up to take Yusei down now, we’re not quite sure what Godwin’s fate is at the moment. One of the things that caught my attention was that both brothers have lost their arm, and funny enough – the same arm, AND Rudger mentioned that he had entrusted his arm to Godwin! I don’t know what good it does entrusting an arm to someone when they clearly aren’t using it at the moment. O_o;
One more important thing that happened this episode, we saw a Yeager talking to an unknown person. It sounds as if they are planning something since that mysterious man went on about, “waiting 20 years…” and stuff. Clearly Yeager isn’t a man to be trusted and is working according to his own agenda. I’m assuming this person he’s talking to is someone from higher ups, considering they are concealing his identity.
Last but not least Crow.  Crow, Crow, Crow, you silly boy, I thought you broke your ribs? Don’t go wandering around like a ninja when you’re in no shape walk around at all.
The next episode we’re going to get the backstory about Rudger and Dr.Fudo!!! YAY!!!!


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