Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 60: The Cunning Bastard is Back

Divine returns alive and traps both Mikage and Yusei in a crate filling it with water. In the mean time he also interferes with Aki’s battle against Misty and unlocks her seal for her true powers, and pretty much has her in a brainwashed state.

This was certainly an emotional episode (not to the point I was going to cry though), and to top things off with Divine causing even more problems that’s not helping their situation whatsoever. Perhaps in the long run, it will be helpful since Aki is finally processing further into the duel, but despite that – her current state is not her new self. She is nothing more than a puppet now under Divine’s control. At some point during her stay with Divine, he has hypnotized her so that her true powers would be sealed. One of the more important things we must remember, Aki’s powers are already extreme just by being sealed, now that they are freed, this isn’t about keeping it in control anymore, this is about terrorizing and wiping out your opponents. If lets say Aki were to kill Misty in her current state (which I highly doubt) she would never be able to forgive herself the minute she snaps out of it. Before Divine awoken her true powers, she was already feeling guilty about how she may have been one way or another involved in Toby’s death, and the reason why Misty got into an accident as well (and that was Misty’s own fault).
One of the things I love about Aki’s character that thanks to Yusei and everyone, we have seen a huge development so far. When we look back at Toby’s flashback and back to when we had first saw her, Aki was like a robot. She spoke in a monotone, didn’t think for herself, did exactly what she was ordered to do… and then now, (despite her current state) she is thinking for herself, she is now more emotional, and she talks normally. So right now, I’m praying that she will somehow snap out of her current state, but the question is: How is she supposed to snap out of the hypnotized state?
I’m rooting for Ushio to save them right now!!! In the mean time, I want to slap Mikage for screaming, “ATLAS-SAMA” over and over again when the guy isn’t even close by!!!!! Poor Yusei, if he had a dark side I’m pretty sure he’d dunk her head underwater just to make her shut up for two seconds and have something else to yell about.
Oh yeah, and I just realized this… Where’s Crow??? Wasn’t he with them at the end of Rudger’s battle? Hm…


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