Hey guys, so here’s my second day of covering Anime North. I arrived at 11am this morning and left at 6:30pm  because I was pretty much out of cash and I was hungry. Fortunately today was not only sunny, but SO MUCH WARMER. I was actually able to walk around in my t-shirt! And when it warm and sunny that means more pictures!!! 😀 That’s over 151 for you~
Lets start off with sharing my secret project I was waiting to reveal.
TADA~ A Kyubey hat! You know how I love and hate this twerp! I HAD TO MAKE A HAT OF HIM! HAD TO! I wanted to be a humanoid Kyubey but I wasn’t sure whether I would have been able to dye my pink Sakura wig (I cosplayed as Sakura from Naruto back in 2009) white but I didn’t have time to confront the woman who does my hair. On top of that I REALLY wanted to make a speech bubble going, “MAKE A CONTRACT WITH ME!” to stick to it. My mom suggested a helium balloon, but considering all the ‘potential’ sharp things people are wearing there, it wouldn’t last long and end with a big bang. Anyways people LOVED IT and wanted to know where I got it, and take pictures! 😀 Who the hell would have thought a hat would bring that much attention? Okay well it did catch me off guard. There were a few people who asked if I did commissions so I’m considering doing it now since there was quite a number of people requesting for it.
Other than that, I had fun taking pictures of cosplayers. But like I said yesterday, honestly there’s nothing new. I managed to snag a group of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Puella Magica and encounter a group of Black Rocket Shooter characters posing at the side of the building, I was so lucky to get that! 😀 I had alot of trouble getting One Piece group pictures because I’m too short and compared to the big crowd so yeah…
So here’s today’s loot, and while we’re at it, what I had for lunch! 😀
SO I bought these tiny Code Geass figures that are really not bigger than my thumb, the two cost 6$ each. I really wanted to get the YGO Duel Monster ones, but someone (Moe’s friend in particular who I shall hunt down and bride to buy one from) bought TWO WHOLE BOXES!!! *RAGE, I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT LAST NIGHT* So because of that, I’m going to try getting that set where it already has all the characters. I saw an Angel Beat one that was a little bit bigger and had three characters, but that was 35$, and honestly I’m not about to spend that much on that. Then I bought YGO 5Ds cards, Crossroads of Chaos, Extreme Victory and Crimson Crisis. Mind you I collect these things, not strategically build a deck and most importantly I wanted to have Black Rose Dragon added to my collection (I LOVEEEEE THAT DRAGON AND STARDUST DRAGON!!!!). I also bought three cute buttons from the Artist Alley and a Espeon Keychain. And finally I bought the one game I’ve been dying to get for a long time now, Eternal Sonata for PS3. This game I never seem to have luck finding it in stores and I’m not particularly fond of buying online since you have to pay shipping and all that stuff.
Now my lunch. KAHDALJGSF!!! I LOVED IT. So today I decided to try for the VERY FIRST TIME, ONIGIRI AND DANGOS! 8D I was also going to try Mochi Red Bean Paste, but that was 3$ for a tiny tiny thing, and god I wasn’t going to spend it on that. ANYWAYS, OMG, IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! What I got was Chicken Dangos and Beef Onigiri. The two were delicious, so I went back to buy more only to find they were closed! D:> However later they reopened where they had more Onigiri but no more Dangos. So I bough two more Beef Onigiri, but now I really wished I bought one Salmon. I would have loved to try that one.
Okay that’ll be it for today’s entry! I want to eat that one last onigiri and supper now, so see you! 😀
*NOTE: Because the internet I’m using is so god damn slow, I’m going to fix all the images to sit up pr


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  1. Kitty


    1. Eva

      Thank you! XD

  2. Ruby

    Aww I wish I can go to anime north but I live too far away :/ the kyubey hat looks awesome~I love all the pictures! xD what kind of camera did you use?

    1. Eva

      XD LOL, tell me how far, because I traveled 6 hours to come here. XD
      Thank you! I use a Nikon D90, but let me tell you this. The body of the camera isn’t the important part, it’s the lens. You can choose whatever body you want, just make sure it has what techs you want it to and that it fits your hand (heck mine is heavy but I’m grown used to it, and the strap is a lifesaver). My lens are nothing ‘special’, I bought this camera in a combo or whatever, so it came with it. If you want to know the lens it’s 18-105mm, I get the impression that it’s like a 4x or 6x zoom, so if you want to take afar shots like from a real distance like to take pics of birds, I wouldn’t suggest you use these lens. xD
      Oh dear I babbled! XD

  3. TimesTicking

    that’s an awesome Kyubey hat O.O
    I was pretty impressed with the cosplayers..
    I loved the one that did Ace, it looked perfect with that pose too.

    1. Eva

      Thank you! :3
      XD The Ace one was definitely the best OP cosplayer there.

  4. Myst

    ONE PIEEEEEEEECE!!!!!! Okay I’m over it :D.
    And OMFG YOUR HAAAAAIR! Lolz ;P. There were a lot of really nice cosplays!

    1. Eva


      1. Myst

        it’s short 😮

      2. Eva

        NO IT ISN’T!

  5. Noc

    I was at AN on Saturday, but I didn’t spot anyone with a Kyubey hat. I saw nearly everyone from the photos, though, so I must have kept missing you by a couple of seconds 🙁
    I was really jazzed to see such an awesome Ace cosplayer this year, but at the same time I was really upset over it. I happened to dress up as Mouda last year and so wanted to have an Ace to pose with me, but I couldn’t find one! This year I couldn’t even go as her because a key piece of my costume was missing. Its just a shame, really.
    Anyhoo, excellent job on the hat! It almost makes me want to make a contract with you XD

    1. Eva

      OMG SRLY? LMAO, well it’s no surprise, the place was packed! (Did you hear about how they are going to cap it next year because there’s too many people?) Yes the Ace cosplayer was so awesome!!!
      And that’s too bad, maybe next year or the next convention you’ll be lucky? I wasn’t able to cosplay because I was broke so I made the hat and speaking of which – I will gladly make a contract with you, now spit out your wish so I can have your soul.

      1. Noc

        I did hear about that! Its kind of too bad, but at the same time I understand where they’re coming from. If the place becomes too crowded then it could become troublesome. I have a hard enough time with the crowds as it is, being super short and all.
        I really did want to get an Ace and Mouda cosplay picture, but I’d like to go as a Phantom Wizard character next time to help promote the series more. People will be like, “who are you supposed to be?” and I’ll answer, “I’m this person from this manga!” and they’ll go, “oh I’ve never heard of that one, I should check it out”- and that’s my master plan. But maybe I’ll bring my Mouda costume along just in case, so I can change into it if an Ace cosplayer happens to show up.
        I like my soul where it is so I’ll have to pass on making a contract DX

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