AnoHana Episode 4: Finding Menma

I want to punch that smile of yours off your face D:<

Jintan is astonished to hear Yukiatsu announce he can see Menma and communicate with her, he then does press any further and head out with the others to search for the Menma that Yukiatsu pointed out he had saw earlier. During the search Anaru tries to apologize for her so-called ‘friends’ obnoxious actions and encourage Jintan to try coming to school again. As she almost slips down the hill into the river, Jintan grabs her and prevents her from falling and scolds her for being careless and how he doesn’t want to lose anymore people. Anaru suddenly questions him whether he likes Menma. Unsure for himself, Jintan ignores the question and the two head back. Upon their arrival Yukiatsu starts yapping about how Menma ‘told him’ to tell them that “Don’t make a bigger fuss out of this” because it’s bothering her. The real Menma grows upset and hurt, frustrated that Yukiatsu is sprouting bullshit while she is right there in front of them. Jintan decides to step it up and speak up for Menma’s sake and announce that Menma wants all of them to be friends again.
The next day, Jintan finds Tsuruko coming over to his house to request him to work with her to reveal the truth behind Yukiatsu’s Menma. They head out to Poppo’s place in the evening after having confronted Yukiatsu’s in the afternoon to taunt him and later after pursueing the ‘Menma’ Yukiatsu’s saw in the woods, as Tsuruko had suspected it is revealed that it has been Yukiatsu’s all long.

Sorry for the major delay for everything, as you may have read in the UPDATES, I have mentioned I was and still am a bit sick. I haven’t been able to get my head into the game in order to write up the entries. I’m trying to get them done as fast as I can. Add screw the centered paragraph format WP is being a bitch to me right now.
*Eyes Noc who commented at the last episode* Noc, you were dead on. It turns out that Yukiatsu did cross dress as Menma.
Throughout this episode, I felt so sad for Menma because Yukiatsu was making up all this shit when she’s actually there. When Poppo was offering her a cup of coffee I was urging her to take the cup from his hands since she has proven to be able to touch materials and actually eat things. If only she could take the cup from his hand, everyone would be aware of her existence! It’s so frustrating when we know that is one of the most efficient ways of communicating with the others! *Sobs* Come on Menma, you can do it!!! I honestly thought when she was jumping out was when she was going to grab the cup, clearly clinging onto Poppo was another way, but everyone brushes it off as added weight.
Another important thing that happened this episode is that Anaru has questioned Jintan, asking if he had and still hold strong feelings towards Menma. And since then, Jintan has been thinking that over.
Finally I must say, I found myself constantly yelling for someone to punch Yukiatsu. I don’t care what kind of complex he has to the point he dresses up as Menma to ‘prove’ his point or whatever – he’s been an ass and I don’t like him. I will say this again and again: This guy has a serious complex and is obsessed to the point he can’t let his feelings go.


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0 thoughts on “AnoHana Episode 4: Finding Menma

  1. man and i thought it was just me that wanted to punch yukiatsu…
    other than that i still love this anime XD Anime of the season without a doubt.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if A LOT of people wanted to punch him. And for god sakes I hope SOMEBODY punches him, of course being caught cross-dressing and yapping bullshit is a quite a humiliation itself.

  2. And here I was hoping my cross-dressing theory was just a result of my overactive and somewhat twisted imagination, but it was true! Now I really hate Yukiatsu, even more than before. He’s such a creeper, I don’t care how good of friends they all were as kids, I never want any of them to forgive him for his creepiness. Jinta needs to beat the crap out of him, ASAP.

    1. *Gives Cookies* Congratulations on getting the jackpot! XD
      //Jinta needs to beat the crap out of him, ASAP.//
      AGREE, I really want him to – especially if Yukiatsu crosses the line again. Heck being bitch slapped wouldn’t be bad either, especially by Menma HAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT’D MAKE HIM SHUT UP!

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