Beelzebub Episode 18: Oga, you smelly child *stare*

Let’s just forget that Furuichi and Alaindelon exist, they’re seriously starting to PISS ME OFF...
After the opening sequence, we witness a scene where Tojo arrives to the completely destroyed schoolyard, and gets really excited that he will fight Oga, because he finally has a decent rival. As for Oga, he’s busy dealing with Baby Beel’s summer fever. Now, it may sound normal, but it’s not just a summer fever. It’s Baby Beel’s summer fever. Once more, our cute little demon demonstrates that he isn’t part of the human world as he turns ice into boiling water in a matter of milliseconds.
Next, Oga’s Zebul Spell disappears!!! O___O. Apparently, that is the reason why he has such a high fever, because he’s unable to get rid of the magic energy inside of him, therefore it’s just building up more and more this is serious. Apparently Hilda is freaking out madly, because she goes berserk and kicks Oga out of his own house, because he doesn’t seem to care about Baby Beel’s condition.

U mad?

Walking around, Oga tries to convince himself that it doesn’t matter, that the fact that the Zebul Spell has disappeared is a hood thing, however we all know that deep inside he’s a softie who loves taking care of small, cute little babies like a mother 🙂 Don’t try to hide it, we all know. He then encounters Tojo’s underling, Shoji, who starts beating on him just because he wants to look badass you’re failing miserably though. He’s about to beat Oga up really badly ok, maybe I was wrong, he does look pretty badass and cool, but then an emergency comes up and he has to leave who the fuck would stop a punch right before it hits in order to answer their cell that wasn’t ringing milliseconds ago? O___o This show is just plain retarded... With this, Oga goes back home, only to notice that Hilda is gone and that Baby Beel is still feeling terrible 🙁 poor him...
He goes to sleep, and the next day, Baby Beel is also gone! O___O I think Oga just hadn’t taken a shower in a long time, and they just couldn’t stand the smell anymore… That’s my theory. With this, he pretends like I said, we all know it’s just a cover to not care, then gets kicked out of his house again, this time by his sister I’m telling you, it’s the smell. They just can’t stand it anymore.
Oga goes to the river where he first met Baby Beel while not searching for him AHEMAHEM, and meets Tojo, who has the baby on his back. Tojo comes out and says that if Oga beats him, he’ll explain why Baby Beel is there I knew that tattoo on him meant something more than just it being a tattoo, which causes Oga to go berserk and to attack him like a maniac.
With this, the fight starts, the opponents seem pretty equal, and in the end Tojo backs out, tells Oga where he found Baby Beel, and as Oga goes all out on him again, the shirt is ripped and Oga notices the Zebul Spell that Tojo has on his arm. Tojo then kicks his ass and leaves, with Baby Beel NUUUUUUUU!!!! MY CUTE LITTLE BABY!!! GIVE HIM BACK, YOU BASTARD!!!!!!
O____O That’s a freakishly long summary… Oops.
Woah woah woah, that was pretty serious! I gotta get used to it…
There were some quite good parts to this episode, however I must admit that there were a lot of things that could have been done in a much better way. Anyways, let’s get to it!First off, the serious plot of this was quite pleasing, I’m glad there’s a big story starting, and when I mean big, I mean big. As in, this is gonna take a heck of a long time before everything is solved, and from what I’ve seen of the preview Oga won’t get to see Tojo for quite a while, since he has some other “quest” to do before. How fascinating, interesting and all those words ending in “-ing” that could have the same meaning as those 2. I’m glad the serious plot is finally on and I’m really curious to see how it will turn out.
I also liked Oga’s personality, I mean I understand that he doesn’t want to show that, in fact, he cares about Baby Beel much more than anyone else except maybe Hilda, however in the end he still showed that he was really mad and now the war is on between him and Tojo. Once again, some development is gonna happen there, and I’m really curious to see how it will turn out.

Now, as for the things I didn’t like: Let’s just mention how absolutely terrible and unintense the fight scene was, shall we? The plot was cool, the background concept was cool, but the animation and OST absolutely sucked, especially during the fight. The cartoon-like punches and kicks are cool when fighting against a loser, but when it’s supposed to be badass looking, you don’t do that. You just don’t. It looks absolutely terrible. Moreover, the music was so completely noticeable, way too metal and just clashed with what we were seeing, Oga’s expression of anger was just horribly shown he actually kinda looked like a grandma, and Studio Pierrot simple did a terrible job on EVERYTHING. I wasn’t into it, and it really got me disappointed. I mean, shounens are supposed to be ultra badass when it comes to fight scenes, and this one didn’t impress me at all. I was waiting for a serious fight for a while, and this one was just pathetic compared to what they made us expect.
Now, next week, apparently there is a new character who’s popping up. I dunno who she is, but she has bright pink hair so she has to be awesome. We’ll see what happens then!

Facial Expression of the Week

I wish people in real life could make a face like that... It would make it all the more interesting.

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