[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Episode 4: The man without a future


Yoga learn the consequence of losing a Deal in the Financial District when he defeats one of his teacher and he can observes that teacher’s future crumble in front of him.


Consequence are what make every action interesting, we finally got to see the consequences of losing a Deal and they are quite dire.

When they introduced Midas as taking our future as investment, they did not lie. In the end, the person who wins a deal better his future, while the one who lose will lose a part of his future. bankrupcy made Yoga’s Teacher’s three child disappear. The interesting question that was later asked is : “I wonder what your(yoga) father lost that he killed himself”. That is a really good question indeed. Once your future disappear, you are the only one who has memory of it (except, it seems, for other midas player). This means that you end up suffering alone, the world around you have this enormous void that you are unable to fill anymore. You are the one to blame for this void and no one can share memories with you. Many would consider death a less painful path than this life of misery, after all you pretty much already lost your life.

I wish my credit card was this cool

Mikuni as build a guild that works on earning small amount of money or losing small amount so that the financial district as the smallest impact possible on the real world. This would lead to a less devastating change on the world. But Mikuni asset Q said that the financial district was crumbling. Now this can’t possibly be good, but I have no idea  what the meaning or consequences of those words mean. Is the financial district about to collapse and simply end? or will the financial district collapse and create a recession? I have absolutely no idea what so ever.

Is that a lot of money? I don't even have a clue of the real value of that money :/

The one thing that bugs me is this, If someone lose his kids in a deal, what kind of wonderful future would that give to the opponent? Yoga seems quite the emo for someone who stole so many future, but at least at the end of this episode he finally decided that he would stop wondering what he wants to be, and he’ll just focus on not being a loser. I think that this is the best default mindset one could have, if you don’t know what you want to achieve, try to stay up and not fall before you figure it out.

Your Argument is Invalid, my Arm is a Crocodile that shoots lazor

This episode was really well set compared to the last one which was a bit slow-paced. The discovery of  the financial district is one of my favorite part of this show, and this episode was all about that. I am really hyped to see what decision Yoga will take in the next few episode, will he become an almighty member of midas? or will he try to keep a balance to protect the real world from midas influence? This is yet to be seen.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Consequence of Deal

  • The question “What have Yoga’s dad lost when he went bankrupt?”


I really hate this show full title, but that is about the only thing I dislike about it. The story keeps me interested in learning more about this fascinating world.

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