LET'S DANCE!!!!! Why? Just 'cause.

Um… Alright. This starts off as we get an explanation of Victorique’s birth! She was born in a dark room on Christmas awww, how romantic for a date idea… AHEM anyways, overlooked by her father who was busy sipping his wine and laughing like an evil man, because he’s just that kind of a guy cool.
OHAAAAAAAAI!!!!!!! Was I bothering you? 😀

Meanwhile, back in the present, it is now winter! Kujo learns of Victorique’s birthday, and decides “I’ll get her a present!” You know, it’d be nice if sometimes Victorique gave back some affection or something… Not that the care seems one sided and that Kujo spent tons for you already, but... While he’s out shopping, Victorique gets harassed by Avril who tells her of another story that will be this arc’s mystery as always, then we see Brian Roscoe actually caring for something Cordellia and we are shown a FLASHBACK!
The flashback involves Brian, Cordellia and their cute loving times together Awww 🙂 when they were young adults. It’s about then that Victorique’s soon-to-be dad took Cordellia away, and from what I understood he raped her then made her give the baby before letting her go. All this is being brought back in Cordellia’s thoughts, and then Brian Roscoe expresses his and Cordellia’s will: to get Victorique back and save her from the evil hands of the evil man.More flashbacks explain Cordellia’s story and feelings towards her daughter, and afterwards Victorique runs, runs, runs to try and find Kujo, then is interrupted can’t you see she was busy? PSH by Weirddudewithweirdhair to solve the case of Coco Rose, the most unsolvable mystery in all of Saubure. Kujo, who’s in town at the moment, finds a new pendant for Victorique, then we get a flashback of the prediction from quite  a few episodes back that states they will be separated, and the episode ends as everything rests upon Victorique, and the mystery she will have to solve!
AWESOME!!! Now I understand!
I really liked this episode, for the simple reason that now I finally get what the hell happened with Cordellia, Brian and Victorique. For a long time, I was quite confused, however this episode basically cleared everything and proved my point right from when I first saw Brian Roscoe: He’s a good guy :D. He was way too good-looking not to be What? Got anything to say against my too true statement when involving anime?
I found Cordellia’s story to be really sad, I’m glad she got better in the end and I’m sure she will be able to go back with her daughter once all this is over. By the way, her and Roscoe look so damn cute together! 🙂 d’Awww. As for Albert de Blois, that guy is just an asshole and I really want to just shove that freakin’ wine cup he keeps sipping on up his a**.
I'm afraid you will have to fortify your wall if wou want it to actually be useful.

I also liked the start of the upcoming plot, it looks like everything will be quite interesting and I’m really fascinated by how all this will turn out in the end :3.
Tra la la~