Hellsing Ultimate Episode 7: Seras, you own.

This week starts off as the spotlight shines yet on another character than Alucard, this time we learn a little bit more of the background story of Bernadotte, the mercenary captain currently working under Integra. I won’t go into details, but basically kid-Bernadotte states that he’s being bullied at school for being born in a family of mercenaries, and his grandpa turns around and says “It’s normal to be bullied, we really are horrible people.” Thanks. That’s very kind of you, I appreciate your concern /sarcasm.

Yep, telling a kid his family's a worthless piece of shit isn't the best of ideas.

As the episode continues and we are back into the actual time, the frontline mercenaries are currently being owned by all the vampires and Zorin Blitz has finally entered the mansion and plays out his illusion powers on the defenders. Bernadotte, in the back, is getting ready for one last desperate attempt to defend the mansion with his remaining forces, however his team is attacked with rockets and everyone desperately knows that they will die in this hellhole. Zorin is about to send out another rocket, however Seras, who was out in the wild destroying every single vampire she saw, appears on time and kills all the vampires around Blitz, who turn out to be the only remaining vampires in the mansion She’s not the innocent little girl she was before, that’s a fact.
The fight between Seras and Zorin begins, the enemy spits out illusions once again and this time Seras cannot evade it no matter how hard she tries.We witness her horrible past, which explains why she isn’t the normal cute little girl she seemed to be at first That girl’s personality is strong… 😀 SWEET. As she is seeing this, Zorin cuts off one of her arms and then completely cuts her open twice, and he is about to finish her off but Bernadotte comes in and saves the day for now… I don’t think you stand much of a chance against a vampire general, dude. He tries to escape with Seras, but Zorin throws his scythe and the captain’s already gravely injured body is now even worse. As both lay in a pool of their own blood, they have a small very small, because they can barely talk discussion, and then they kiss  and Bernadotte tells Seras to “Feed off of him and defeat Zorin as one” as his last words before death.
Seras then cries out in desperation, and more vampires appear behind Zorin, who decide to completely ignore the sad moment and attack everyone. After calling Bernadotte an insect, Seras gets incredibly fucking pissed off, drinks Bernadotte’s blood, becomes an angry version of Alucard and kicks Zorin’s and the vampires’ asses in a couple of seconds. She then decides, in order to follow her promise that “she will defeat them all”, that she will go and attack Millenium in order to do just that: Kill them all. The episode ends as she heads out.
Now I remember why I liked Seras so much O_O. To be honest, during basically the whole show she really didn’t do much, however now it’s obvious that the girl is damn awesome and that she kicks ass, for tons of different reasons. I was babbling about the lack of character development these last few episodes, well now I can’t babble anymore, because they definitely added that in here.
First of all, her background story and her personality are incredibly awesome. I mean, her parents are killed in front of her, and she actually has the guts to attack her assailants even as a small child. She has a dark past, and it really makes us realize how different from everyone else she is, and why Alucard transformed her in the first place.Another reason why I love her, and it’s probably the most obvious one, is that she is fucking badass as a vampire, and she’s now even more awesome since she has drunk blood. I mean, she’s probably not as strong as Alucard that’s virtually impossible, but she’s pretty damn strong, and when she’s pissed she can be incredibly sadistic and psychotic which is basically the main reason why I watch this show, I like psychotic people.
Talking about being angry, in this episode she’s not just angry. Oh damn. I’ve seriously never seen someone that pissed off in my entire life. HOLY SHIT. The plot twist that brought her into this state was intense also.
I mean, last episode told us a little of Seras’ and Bernadotte’s bond, but I didn’t think they would have them kiss each other, and I definitely didn’t think Bernadotte was going to die the way he did. Moreover, I seriously didn’t think this show would add a little bit of romance and dramatic sadness amongst wars, blood and vampires Cute, is it not? I mean, so far this show had a nice plot, but we never even had a glimpse of what someone could feel like when they killed someone, or how much sadness was spread through killings. It was just emotionless, sometimes happy and sadistic killings, and I never believed this show would ever show compassion towards the dead. It was a great surprise, and definitely added tons of content and “realism” to the show Let’s be honest here, I said it added realism to the show, I never said it was realistic… There’s no way a show with so much blood and so many psychotic characters could be realistic.
I also loved the way she ended up drinking blood, it turns out she only drunk the blood of the person she cared for and nothing else, which was really nice in the end, because although she’s more powerful she’s still kinda innocent and a nice girl Except when she’s pissed off O_O.
So, overall, this week’s episode was all about Seras and how much she owns. So much for saying this show didn’t have any character development… Episode 7 so far is the best episode I have seen so far, the plot and character development was insane and moreover there was tons of blood and disgusting moments, which is exactly what I love about this show.
R.I.P. Bernadotte. Well... As peacefully as you can rest while being in a vampire's body... I dunno how that feels like

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