Hidan no Aria Episode 4 & 5: Unexpected Turn of Events

Sorry for the delay folks, if you have peeked at the Updates page, I’ve put up a notice for the last two weeks that I am sick. To those who were worried that I might have I dropped it, good news! I don’t plan to! yet

Episode 4:


A day after Aria and Kinji had their argument, and Kinji awakens from a horrible nightmare, a memory from his past relating to his brother’s death. He decides to go out for a walk around town where as he spots Aria coming out of a hair salon with a hew hair cut (more like an adjustment to the bangs), and decides to follow her. When she arrives at her destination, she calls him out knowing he had been following her and invites him to join her to meet her mother who is currently in jail. Kinji learns the reason why Aria is desperately looking for a partner and hears about an organization they are currently fighting against known as E.U.
The next day at school, Kinji starts to do some investigations behind the E.U. organization. He is confronted by one of the students who tells him Aria is leaving back to London. On his way out, he runs into Riko who drags him somewhere where she starts seducing him, with his badass side awaken, he realizes something is wrong and that Aria is in danger, and rushes to the airport to catch the flight.

Holy fuck that was a twist. O_O I wasn’t expecting Riko to be the bad guy, nor was I expecting her hair to be ALIVEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (Oh by the way, it glows too!) Turns out the Riko absolutely HATES Aria’s guts, her archenemy, was the one behind all the hijacking bomb incidents (including changing Kinki’s clock from episode 3). Riko is an expert when it comes to disguising herself, seducing men (though Kinji was honestly too pre-occupied, worried about his other self awakening on the scene), and working undercover since nobody (from what we’ve seen so far) seems to have noticed. It appears that she also had some sort of relationship with Kinji’s brother, though I’m not entirely sure what kind of connection they had. This is one of the reasons why I think one of the most fascinating theories – though it’s a bit far fetched is that maybe Kinji’s brother isn’t actually dead but is working for E.U. instead of the Butei organization.
So we finally got a backstory about why Kinji doesn’t want to be a Butei and why Aria is desperately looking for a partner. Today we not only met her mother (who’s in jail accused for a crime), we also saw her vulnerable side, and witness her get shot by her archenemy – fatally shot while we’re at it.
It’s also good that we got to see Kinji’s badass side awaken, even thought it was only for a brief moment, leaving him rush to catch the plane with his own manpower.
Looks like next week we’ll be getting some real sweet action from Kinji! 😀



Episode 5:

Aria has been shot, leaving Kinji to get her out of the scene and tended the what was a fatal wound with the super awesome, TOTALLY convenient medicine! So with that magical medicine Aria has been healed and she’s feeling more energetic than ever! However that energy is going a bit too far, so Kinji decides to not only kiss her to calm her down, but to summon awaken his Badass side and set up a plan to try and capture Riko.

I wasn’t expecting to see some serious filtering this episode. First we get this fugly white streak across the screen while Kinji is tending her wound, then you see Psychopath Riko fly off in her undergarments  with her outfit changed into a parachute!!! NOT ONLY THAT, THEY COMPLETELY FORGOT TO ADD THE BULLET WOUND ON THE SHIRT!!!! NO BLOOD, ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF IT.
I’m not sure what to think about this episode. So we learned that Aria’s full name is Kanazki Holmes Aria, the fourth generation of Sherlock Holmes.
It’s interesting to see how the Government interferes with the Butei and were willing to sacrifice the innocent passengers on board. It really tells you what Butei represents and what their missions are, and just how dirty the government would play. I was also thrilled to see the Butei students working together like they had during the bus hijack, it makes things alot more interesting and, I suppose ‘realistic’ in a way since it’s hard to believe one person would be able to know all this stuff.
I wasn’t quite expecting Kinji to kiss Aria, and despite being a fangirl who loves romance – this really didn’t feel special whatsoever, nor was it supposed to be. If there’s going to be some serious romance development, well they better do a good job. Either way, much to my surprise – I’m not looking forward, nor interested in the potential romance. It’s probably because 1) it feels predictable, 2) it is probably going to end up corny and 3) Aria x Kinji, while it is a sweet pairing, it’s not my favorite and I honestly don’t even feel like fangirling about their moments.
Plot wise, we’re finally getting more background information about the characters and their past. With the pace picking up, we ought to learn some dark secret soon. As I have mentioned about Riko in the previous episode. She’s a psychopath, and we yet to learn how she gained that super power where her hair acts as her weapon. It’s probably related or has something in common with Kinji’s second personality abilities.


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  1. I was so excited when they showed Reki but was disappointed that she didn’t do anything T.T I was hoping that she would shoot down the jets…
    I want Kinji x Shirayuki T.T actually they should take out the romance and add more actions >.<

    1. She was simply standing there as eyecandy. That has to be it, because we didn’t even see her hold up a light or snipe anything!!! D:

  2. There was no blood on Aria’s shirt because she has a bullet proof butei uniform on. The reason she fainted was because bullet hit her over her heart which sent her heart into a shock so it couldn’t work properly.

    1. Not quite. We saw when she was shot, that there was in fact a hole in her uniform.=3= I knew i should have included that screenshot…. It’s not like her uniform can magically ‘mend itself’ after being shot. XD;
      EDIT: Here’s the screencap, (it’s huge so just click the link)

      1. XD We all forget or miss some major details sometimes! 😀 At least now you know! XD

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