Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 4 & 5: Time for Special Training! + FANSERVICE!

Sorry for the long delay folks!!! It’s finally up! *FAINTS*

Episode 4: Time for Special Training!

Kazuma meets Sakai Hina who is very tall, quiet, and loves cute things who he shortly learns after that she’s his senior. During lunch with Ui and the others he learns about an athetlic event, the Hikonan Race taking place where students team up with a shop in town as their ‘sponsor’ and if they win, they’ll get the chance to advertise on the local broadcast. While off running, he runs into Koyori who he ends up seeing her panties. She takes a fit about it but quickly casts that aside after he joins her for a visit to an old man she’s friends with. They later drop by at the hopstial where Kazuma meets Koyori’s friend who is sick and afraid to take an operation. Koyori encourages him by saying if she wins the race, he must be more enegetic and have the operation.

Aww this was suchhhhh a cute episode! Oh my god I absolutely adore Hina! She is so cute and I love how she ‘talks‘ with the stuff animals or anything she finds cute! She’s really quiet too, so Kazuma was lucky she didn’t make a huge uproar like some of the other girls he ‘bumped’ into.
<3 So everyone is preparing for the race that will be happening in the next episode. Today we got to see quite a varity of characters and learn a little bit more about each of their backgrounds.
So Koyori is a sweet girl who likes to help people out. She has a young friend who is sick in the hospital waiting to take an operation to make his illness go away, but he’s afraid. She decides to encourage him by saying if she can win the race, he has to be more energetic and willingly to take the operation.
One of the major things I love about Kazuma’s character is how honest and polite he is. He made sure that Ibuki knew that if he drank from the water bottle it’d be an indirect kiss – something that he knows she is against. I also liked how he tried to avoid seeing Koyori’s panties, and helped her out a bit.


Episode 5: The Fanservice Event! 

The event has started, everyone is participating one way or another! From being the contestants to being the host, everyone is fired up! Who will take the led and bring victory?!


From the start of the episode, I instantly knew that this athletic event was going to provide all sorts of ‘fanservice’. Sure enough by targeting Madoka and Tsumugi. Honestly I wasn’t expecting Tsumugi to turn out to be such a cluz, especially when she is the event’s representative.
It was nice to see Kazuma help Koyori out win the race. Since the last episode I wasn’t entirely sure how she’d be able to win. Of course getting an injury was the ‘perfect’ excuse solution. On the other hand, she was doing very well on her own so give her a round of applause for that.
To be honest, I really thought Kazuma was going to beat the living shit out of Daigo only to give him a thumbs up for getting Ayumu to wear a cheerleader outfit. For the love of god, has anyone considered the possible consequences for this poor kid will get after this event is finished?!
Ui was her typical self. I seriously LOVE how the animate her excitement for food. I could make gifs all day long because it amuses me so much! I’D LIKE TO GET STARTED BUT I GOT THESE ENTRIES TO FINISH FIRST!

Speaking of Ui, we finally learned that Kazuma resembles her brother Hajime who we weren’t entirely sure whether he was related to her or not. We have yet to learn more about him and his current fate. Is he dead or is he alive living somewhere else?
Overall, the episode was okay to watch. Since I wasn’t ‘appealed’ by the fanservice (What? Don’t look at me like that, it’s Oki who loves this stuff!!!) it wasn’t as entertaining, but fortunately neither was it boring. So basically I was able to enjoy this episode one way or another! 😀
Next week! Looks like the girls and Daigo will be crashing at Kazuma’s place!


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  1. I’m starting to think that Kazuma is a fag… why would he gives a thumbs up on his little brother wearing a cheer leading outfit?!?!
    Also I love your .gif that you made haha its epic!

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