Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 7: The day we finally see Kazuma's manly fantasies.

With the exams over and done with, the Daigo suggests that they go to Honchou where they can hang out at the Karoke bar and shop or whatever. Everyone but, Ayumu, Ibuki were able to make it. However when they arrive they realize they have to wait two hours before they get their reservation, so to kill time to head out to the Arcade where they having not only fun but also mess around with some eroge games. After that they party at the Karoke bar.
The next day (or a few days later), Kazuma decides that should cheer for Ibuki at her upcoming tournament. They go but Ui realizes that Ikubuki isn’t quite being herself, and later the group find themselves ditched by her after the match is over. While heading home, Ayumu and Kazuma remark how she probably wanted to be alone after having lost the tournament. However Kazuma comes to a realization and an idea where Ibuki is and decides to head off to the observation site where he finds her and helps cheer her up by screaming out into the open.

For those who were concerned about how Kazuma’s behavior have been for the past six episodes, rest assure, this episode itself clarrfies that Kazuma indeed has a manly side of him where he and Daigo would get carried away with porn or eroge games. Of course he’s going to go back consider the preview is most likely him touching his brother.
… You just got a dirty thought there didn’t you?
Anyways today’s episode was not as exciting, not exactly something I found myself ‘enjoying’ but I was pleased to see a new side of Ibuki where she is very vulnerable. Moreover I was surprised that she didn’t yell at Kazuma to go away. Honestly that was the first thing I was expecting and the fact she actually shed some tears in front of him was the last thing I expected. We saw that when she lets the stress and pressure get the better her, she panics. The fact she has been training so hard and has been doing Archery for most of her life it’s frustrating to lose, but it’s even more so when after all that time, she still can’t get a grip on herself.
Next week I’m expecting a whole list of fanservice since it’s going to take place at a beach – what a perfect set up.
Sorry I made this short, I’m still working on a side project, as I have said will reveal on Friday though I’m very frustrated right now how it’s turning out. =3=


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0 thoughts on “Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 7: The day we finally see Kazuma's manly fantasies.

  1. I’m still not convinced… For all we know he is trying to hide it, his holding onto Daigos shoulder while looking at the eroge. He probably blushed the moment he grabbed a hold of his shoulder.
    This episode was just average, I just liked it how they finally build character for Ibuki.

    1. ROFLMAO. Yeah, I can see someone making hilarious macros with it. XD As I pointed out regarding the preview, looks like we’re going to get some unintentional ‘incest’.
      Heck it looks like the way things are going this is going to be the ‘average’ show of the season. It can either somehow maintain it’s ‘okay’ streak, get better or go downhill.

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