Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episodes 5 + 6: Where this is going, I dunno, but I'm sure to stay and find out…

I think it is a miracle. Episode 5 happens to not start with a fanservice scene everyone!! gasp WOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!
Anyways. In this episode, it starts off as we learn how Takashi the guy and Asuka the girl, although I probably don’t need to mention that. Then again, our society tolerates everything these days, so I thought I should just specify that he’s going after a girl… both met each other 2 and a half years ago. Someone teased them and they just kinda started going out without knowing anything about the other. Great! Now that’s a premise I like.
After the opening, we are back in the present time! We are shown a scene where the innocent little Takashi is going after Asuka innocentl-hey look, a panty shot. So much for thinking this was going to be the innocent couple… Back to our naughty little kids, Takashi gets caught and is confronted by an idiot who wishes he was the one looking up the girl’s skirt who wants a fight. Takashi is about to transform into his fighter form when Asuka comes by and solves the misunderstanding, pretending that they’re going out. Takashi then dodges possible death when he lies about his peeping, and the scene ends.
The next day, Takashi is at school where Takauchi Masako, a bitch a girl from her class, talks to him about stuff we don’t care and completely takes advantage of his kindness punch Ahhh, that feels nice 🙂.
The next few scenes involve a bunch of chivalry crap where Takashi goes back to his “planet” and becomes “Hawk Cyanblue”. There’s a bit of things that need to be mentioned, like the fact that there are 4 feathers and 3 of them are missing Please Note: We’ve only seen 3 of them technically…, or the fact that apparently Asuka is a princess in his world Huh? and apart from that there’s really nothing more than chivalry crap that’s sincerely way too stupid for me to mention.

You're suspicious. And quite sadistic, too. I like you already 🙂

Back to school, we meet another character, Hariu Kuroudo, who seems to recognize “Hawk Cyanblue” although he shouldn’t stare suspicioussssss... He then bluntly explains to Takashi how much he would like to “tear his stomach open in order to take his jewel” which definitely doesn’t sound friendly in my opinion then again, maybe it’s a cultural thing, who knows?. He then continues to spit out his “love” for children, then leaves while Takashi gets summoned again to his ridiculous world.
PANTY SHOT! Oh, look at that, it’s intermission and then we’re finally back on track! We get to meet Takashi’s sister, Kobato, and we are then thrown into the incest world as she’s almost naked and Takashi goes all embarassed there had to be one, apparently. Once this is over and the pervs or the incest freaks have been satisfied, Asuka calls and talks to Takashi for a while, because they’re dating and people who date each other call each other.This causes Takashi to go depressed for a while, because he wishes he could stay with her longer but he will disappear soon It’s LUUUURV.
MORE RETARDED SCENES in the chivalry world occur except this time they’re actually worth it for the laugh and in the end, Takashi has a small fight with Asuka and the last scene involves Hayato as he sees one of the Flame Birds being sent to the hospital.
Oh wow, I do believe that the guy I will despise the most in this whole series is definitely Takashi. I’m sorry, but I’m not down for that princely bullcrap full of knights protecting their princess -_-‘. Moreover, he has the deepest and most emotionless voice ever for a Japanese kid, anyways and his bullshit about “gretalibur” and “protecting the country” is just pathetically cheezy and BLEH. Not my thing.
Fortunately for him, Asuka seems to be an awesome girl, she’s honest and happy about her feelings, has attitude and isn’t afraid to be up in Takashi’s face all the time. She’s really awesome and can be the only reason I will tolerate this pairing, because the rest of the plot involving Takashi’s real country really sucked. I also liked Masako, she’s a real bitch and I really wanna beat her up to a pulp, but I love the fact that she’s a despisable character. Series like this need characters that are made to be hated, and this one doesn’t exactly seem like she’s quite the stereotype, either. At least, they didn’t mention anything about her being an aristocratic little rich girl yet.
Episode 6 Summary
This episode starts up again from last episode’s cliffhanger. Hayato is talking with Alice, who saw the black guy being shot, and she says that a man wearing a hat said that he would kill Narita *gasp* NUUUUUU. We then learn that the guy who was shot will be alive, and then Hayato’s intense feelings towards people in general are shown, only for the scene to change to Chitose and his moe garbages and that’s when I wish I could say I’m kidding about the moe garbages.
Chitose’s life is still the normal life it was, him being *AHEM*notliked by Tamaizumi
He's not even being subtle about it O.o

and him especially not being a pervert and looking at Tamaizumi’s panties It’s okay, I guess I’ll forgive you… For now *glare*. It gets even funnier when he gets turned on every time Tamaizumi touches his wound, and even starts screaming inwardly like a little girl guys, don’t be like that. Please. As funny as that was.
But anyways, back to serious things. Hayato talks to Naru, forces her to go home and stay there for a while in order to protect her, then goes to see her brother, who happens to be another guy with 2 personalities maybe 3, who knows?. Discuss, discuss, discuss, hate, hate, hate, there’s a big problem blabla whatever INTERMISSION! Cool.
Chitose has a talk with his journalist employer and whatnot, they have a small talk about Hiyoko’s book, and the scene changes again gee, so many scene changes O.Oto Hayato as he continues to worry about people, especially Naru who didn’t listen to a word he said about staying home.
Nyan, nyan, nyan. Wtf. I should stop asking myself questions when it comes to Japanese shows.

The guy with the hat then finds them, almost shoots Naru NUUUUU and after having an internal fight I think that Garuda dude is popping up…, Hayato ends up punching the guy in the face and Naru is safe.
In the end, however, Hayato’s body is still taken over by Garuda, or Itami Karura, anyways, the bad guy, and episode 6 ends.
O.O I dunno where this show is going, but there’s SO MUCH MORE than what I expected at first, I don’t know what to think! Amongst romance and fanservice, you can find some intense action, and I’m seriously debating whether I like this or not. I’m definitely pulled into the story, and I really want to know more, but I’d say the one thing bothering me is that whole chivalry crap about royalty and kights and all that on the other planet. It just so happens that the whole plotis apparently centered around that, so I really don’t know how everything will turn out.
*pause finished*It looks as though there’s so much information thrown at us, I really wonder if everything is going to be tied together properly, because there’s way too much info given to us right now and it may end up in a jumble of small stories that don’t make sense in the end.
Let us pause this and enjoy Hiyoko's prettiness for a few seconds...

Garuda seems really intense, he’s literally the bad guy of the story, and I wonder what impact he will have on the story… Once again, so many questions are left unanswered! This show is impressive O.o .
P.S.: I love how girl’s skirts seem to randomly go up in windless areas. It’s quite a curious phenomenon, don’t you think?
...They must have superpowers to raise their skirts like that, I guess.

Anyways… See you next week!

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  1. I wouldn’t know if this show is great or not o.o
    Interesting how now we discover there are 4 souls in 1 body.
    iono the hell the plot is but I definitely wanna know how this show is gonna end.

    1. Same here, the only thing I’m really hoping won’t happen is if the show decides to be an ass and make a really stupid and terrible ending. That would just be really annoying -_-‘.

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