Toriko Episodes 4 and 5: The toughest, biggest, most voluptuous snake ever

This time, Toriko and Komatsu go look for the legendary Puffer Whale, which only shows up every 10 years!After a small conversation involving how to prepare the meat of this special fish, a scene where Toriko’s kindness and his gluttony is shown, and it also denotes all the other Bishokuya that are after this Puffer Whale the one we see is especially stupid, too.
Now in the village, we learn the existence of fortune tellers, we learn how well they do their job at predicting humongous beasts the hugeness of them required the bold statement, trust me hanging around in their village and we meet a new, important character, Coco of the 4 Heavenly Kings.
The fortune-teller by trade brings them to their home, lets them mount a ginormous bird I swear with this show I’ll get to know all the synonyms of the word “big”, and decides he will help them out in their quest. He predicts, however, that Komatsu has the shadow of death on him… dramatic music NUUUU! With this gloom upon them, they go to the cave and meanwhile another companion joins the team, Tina the stalker journalist from last episode.
As they go further into the cave, we learn more about Coco. Apparently, he can turn purple at any occasion, read electromagnetic waves and see everything regular people can’t see PFF! He’s perfectly normal, what are you thinking?.

...Did he just legit turn purple? I'm pretty sure he did. Wtf. That is win, no matter how you look at it.

The end of the episode approaches when the team reaches the bottom of a pit, where Komatsu gets captured and both Heavenly Kings meet up with the biggest, largest, thickest, most colossal snake you will ever see in your life Imma start using the thesaurus now 😀.Episode 5 continues on, with a scene making us drool as we see pancake trees and other delicious things this scene was completely unrelated to the story but I still like it very very very much 🙂. We are then thrown a summary of the episode from before WHICH WE DON’T NEED, AH GOD DAMMIT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, THIS WAS MADE BY TOEI, THERE’S GONNA BE TONS OF TIMES LOST IN SUMMARIES JUST LIKE IN ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!! and after wards the episode finally continues from where we left off.
The massive snake looks at both men looking at him, then decides to be cool, to scream and prove how powerful he is by making the cave entrance collapse with his voice alright, that is pretty badass, I’ll admit it. With this, Tina, who was outside, decides to look into the camera she gave Komatsu WHICH WE SEE IN THIS EPISODE THROUGH A F***ING FLASHBACK THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT, DAMN YOU TOEI!, however sees nothing because the said little guy is stuck in some random dude’s arms.
Meanwhile, Toriko and Coco are stuck fighting the ginormous snake, and a battle ensues where Toriko shows how badass he can be and Coco shows how much of a smartass he is. They decide to fight the snake and forget about Komatsu for now aww, poor soul... After a long fight where Coco fights the snake’s poison with poison and where Toriko shows once more how badass he is he’s pretty good at doing that, the beast finally collapses and both Heavenly Kings discuss Komatsu’s situation, while the cook is busy freaking out over another Devil Snake that has showed up in front of him Oh that’s just great.
That’s the only words I can use for these 2 episodes.
I’ll agree that this show isn’t my favorite and I don’t think it ever will be, however I still like it and it seems quite different from other shounen animes like Naruto. I can definitely see the One Piece resemblance, and it makes it stand out, despite the fact that right now the show isn’t the best.
Moreover, this episode was just plain cool. Once again, I agree it wasn’t the best fight scene ever, but it was awesome nonetheless. I mean, come on, 2 demons fighting against a voluminous snake, and then making their own anti-poisons to its venom? WIN.
Coco is a really cool character. I love his powers as “the poison man”, because it makes him really original and it also looks like he has very good brains. Moreover, his side story involving the people who want to use him in order to make antidotes adds a lot more content to him. I already find him really badass and he’s already more interesting than Toriko although I’m starting to get used to his character more, and he’s not too bad either.
Tina also seems pretty cool, she adds some humour into the show, and Zonge shouldn’t even be mentioned because he’s just that much of a loser. As for Komatsu, I don’t know quite what to think of him yet…
On a side note, I’ve reached a conclusion from watching these 2 episodes that the 4 Heavenly Kings are not normal people. They are just waaaaaaay too freakin’ intense. They each have some kind of demon in them, and all have special freaky abilities that mess up my brain. At least they’re really badass…
Anyways, this was pretty cool. This show may not be one of the best, but it has definitely caught my eye and I really want to keep watching this.
P.S.: I wasn’t joking about the thesaurus. I actually looked up a lot of synonyms of the word “big” in order to finish this post.

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