Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 68: Old School Dueling

Crow, Yusei and Jack go back to Satellite to visit Martha where they see the drastic improvement in the living conditions. When they get there, they learn that Martha has been trying to encourage an old man who’s living on his own to live with them. After explaining that she hasn’t been able to persuade them, the kids that Crow has raised (who are now living at Martha’s) taunt him into trying to persuade the old man. Determined to do so Crow heads out try getting the old man out and comes across a home-made (old school) dueling field. He and the old man duel with the bet that if he, Crow wins the old man has to go to Martha’s and if he loses he will never bother him again.

I had a little bit of time before I head off for that freaking long drive to Anime North. So yay! I’m finally updating this!
I have to be honest. This episode wasn’t great, it was lame because we’d get that “sad” flashback about the old man’s family that we later learned left him since he was so pre-occupied with work. Despite that, it was really awesome to see the ‘Old School’ duels back from Duel Monsters, the original and start of the Yu Gi Oh series. By the end of the episode, it was very cute of Crow to say, “Hey I’d be your son!” and then later on after the old man made a glorious Stardust Dragon statue (if I’m wrong, sorry about that ^^;). I was surprised to see it was Stardust rather than a Junk Duel Monster if you get what I mean.
When the junk starting collapsing little by little, and then Yusei ran off shortly before the whole place collapsed I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of him going (thought it’s be totally OC for him to say this), “Oh snap, this place is going to collapse, I’m going to get out of here while I can! I won’t bother telling the others!” Of course what he really did was go into the house, the picture frame (god knows how he KNEW he was the picture frame aside from the fact the kiddy was missing from the deck).
Anyhow, we only got a glimpse about the status of the investigation behind Ghost. Saiga who is now living at Martha’s is helping them out and told them about how the Security took in a Tablet that may be related to Ghost since the two arrived at the same time.


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