Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 3: Someone call the Crimsom Dragon, Zexal needs Yusei and Bruno on the job!

The city suddenly gets attacked by a virus causing all the systems to crash. Yuma’s sister decides to investigate further on the matter and decides to drag Yuma and Kotori to help her out. They are told to wait at the library where as they see one of their classmates who reveals that he was trying to find the culprit since he’s getting framed and helps them find where the base is. Turns out their teacher who Yuma sees as his small inspiration as a duelist is the one at fault who it also being possessed by NUMBERS. The two duel with the city’s fate hanging on the line.

Sorry it took so long guys, the subs didn’t come out till today and I apologize for the crappy summary =_=; I’m not feeling good…
BOMB-AMON! Seriously it sounded like a pokemon! LMAO, the first thing I thought when I saw the city’s system being hacked into was, “Okay at a time like this, we need Yusei and Bruno around!”
Astral is hilarious. Well it’s good to see Yuma lose – especially since Astral didn’t step in once and they didn’t even show the duel (LMAO! THE FASTEST DUEL IN HISTORYYYYYYY *SHOT*) – in other words it was the most pathetic duel anyone were to ever see thus not worth to spend even a minute on it. XD
The episode was okay. One of the things that is starting to bug me is how all these really important duel monsters (in this case, numbers) are all so digital and weird designs, I find it’s making it lose the Yu Gi Oh charm. : It’s kind of like how there’s so many pokemon that some of the designs are just outrageous. I would like to see better designs in the future because right not it’s just disappointing.
O_O; Okay remember when I was joking last episode that the “gotta get them all“? I’m super amused to see that Yuma will be able to use whatever Numbers he receives after defeating possessed people. So, in other words the joke is now the reality… *SHOT*
And I swear, Yuma and his sister take after Yusei’s and Aki’s characters WAY TOO MUCH. I mean if one were to see Yuma and his sister without knowing what the era /type of dueling/ and design, I’m sure anyone would think they are their children!  Actually that was the joke going on before Zexal aired! XD But I mean seriously!!!!  His sister is a brainiac when it comes to investigations and stuff, not to mention she is now just about to try and take down the virus bomb – LMAO! It’s killing me because it’s just too funny.
The quality improved significantly since the style changed, and I must say it’s SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I find it makes Yuma looks alot less childish.
RANDOM EXTRA NOTE: Apparently my cat loves this show. I never seen her stare at the computer screen so intensely before LMAO!


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