Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 4: What happens when Astral learns how to play the Opposite Game!

Yuma finds himself in a desperate pinch but despite that he refuses to listen to Astral’s advice. Taking advantage of his observations, after Yuma had declared he’d do the opposite of what he tells him to do, Astral decides to use it against him and take part of the opposite game so that Yuma would unknowingly follow his directions. Only later into the duel when Yuma finally gets himself back on track decides to listen to Astral and obtains victory after having successfully summoned both Numbers Monsters in his hands, Aspiring King Hope and Revise Dragon. It turns out that the ‘so-called bomb’ was never going to throw the city into chaos and shit, but instead hosting Bugman that provides a light show that can been only seen with D-Gazers.

*HEADESKS* So in the end it wasn’t a bomb to begin with and was simply just something interfering with all the technology because of Bugman’s showcase? Are you serious? *FLIPS TABLE* OH COME ON!!!!!!!! BULL SHIT. THAT’S THE STUPIDEST THING EVER!!! *RAGE*
The only smart thing that happened this episode was Astral using his brain to have Yuma end up listening to his advice after declaring that when Astral goes right he’ll go left! So give Astral some credit for pretty much winning the duel. Yuma – god, I must ask- WHEN IS HE EVER GOING TO LEARN? While this is a good setup for a strong character development for Yuma, it’s going to be on hell of an annoying one. For one, Yuma needs to learn how to cooperate with Astral, two: he needs to learn how the game works and when to use what card and know what cards he has and how he can set up his own combo. At some point, Yuma will lose a duel and Astral’s life will be on the line. Whether he disappears and needs to be ‘found’ again, (honestly I’m not sure how that’ll work, it may to do with where Astral went last episode), this will give Yuma an opportunity to put his new knowledge to good use and finally obtain victory on his own.
On the final note, I wanted to mention again: YGO Zexal posts heavily depends on whenever the subs get out, so it’s no surprise that it’s a week late.

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