Bleach 328: Kageroza vs the World


Toshiro and Kenpachi made it to Kageroza, time for the final showdown to begin.



Oh it smells like power in here, we have so many captains pit together against Kageroza. Not only do we have half the originals, we also have the duplicate of half of them. That is a shit ton of power in the same room.

Kageroza power are quite interesting, he is able to control space. He can record it and then recreate it at will. It is quite handy to send attack back to its attacker, but it feels a lot like Ukitake’s Shikai ability in the end. Returning an attack is returning an attack, there is not much else to it. But I do believe that Kageroza’s power don’t end there. Space and time are the same thing in the end and we did saw Kageroza uses time stopping technique before. I expect to have him reveal that he control both time and space next episode. After all he wouldn’t be such a good villan if he did not have any new technique to show.


Let down the sword and lets have sex instead ! An orgy instead of a bloodbath, what do you say?



What I dislike about this filler is that it feels like all the captain were tuned down so it would make sense that they were fighting someone weaker than them. After all there is no reason why someone stronger than a captain would be a mere scientist, that guy should be a captain if he is able to fight head to head to another captain. In the episode he was able to fight 2 at once. Not only that, with the help of his reigai he was able to fight about 8 at once ! I know that the captains are weakened, but it still don’t explain why they can’t defeat someone who don’t even know his bankai yet.


On a side note to the main story, Ichigo is alive ! yuppi, but what the hell is going on? he is not supposed to have much power left, he was run over by the cleaner, I think that guy should be dead already. I hope we have some good explanation of what is going on with that, since I start to smell a lot of bullshit in there. If Ichigo is the one that kill or defeat Kageroza, I will be really mad.


Want some candy, child?



Now at the end of the episode we saw that Kageroza was had by Kurotsuchi. That guy is such a freak, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he fought the other captain for a couple minutes just to make his act work better. But when he turns to stab Kageroza, the face Kageroza wears is just incredible, that face when you realize that your master just got you cornered and you never saw it coming. I expect their fight in the next episode to be awesome, the villain vs the evil captain, Who will win?




This was a good episode, it was fun to see something new instead of the attack of the other captain that we saw over and over again. It was quite refreshing and gave me hope that the ending to this filler might well be quite interesting. Let’s see if I don’t have false hope about this.


ZeroG signing off

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