Hidan no Aria Ep 9: Seduction Siege

Kinji gets lured in by Riko disguised as Aria who tries seducing him. After Aria had burst in, Riko then quickly lures them to the rooftop where she asks them to take part in a robbery. Aria ends up agreeing in hopes to obtain more evidence and capture a suspect to clear her mother’s name. However in the mean time, Riko continues attempting to seduce Kinji so that he could easily slip into his Hysteria Mode and eventually ends up indirectly motivating Hotogi to step up her game and try seducing Kinji herself so they can get to second base like he and Riko ‘supposedly’ did.

;A; Sorry, the summary isn’t that great. ;A;
My my my, Kinji has been facing a seduction siege from both Riko and Hotogi. He ends up groping Riko’s breasts in the middle of class during a test because she blackmailed him. And then Hotogi jumps conclusions (as usual) taking Riko seriously when she said they already made it to ‘second base’. Then that fires her up to trap them in the infirminary and jam the door using her special abilities and just really desperately tries to set things up for them. She actually goes as far as stripping down, and speaking of which, J.C Staff decided to throw in a censor streak when it was only simply a bra showing. *FACEPALM* I would understand if she were completely naked, but ugh – whatever. Sometimes I don’t understand their censoring choices.
Overall, this episode didn’t feel like it played such a huge role with the plot. It may have to do with the fact I actually found it rather boring. I was easily getting distracted by other things rather than being entirely focused on watching the show. The only thing we got out of it is that Kinji’s brother may be very well alive since Riko wouldn’t confirm his death. Also another thing is, Hotogi’s foresight was brushed off so quickly, that I think some people may have mistaken it for another excuse/nervous rambling before she finally told him that she would be returning to the shrine for a bit. Her prediction says that Kinji will encounter a ‘Wolf, Demon and a Ghost’. What reminded me to think about what she had said was the preview. We see a wolf, the teacher (imo acting suspicious therefore may be the ‘demon‘) and- OH HEY IT’S REKI! – Ahem, and perhaps MAYBE the ‘ghost’ would be Kinji’s brother. There’s only three episodes remaining, so it’s about time things kick into gear to wrap things up.


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  1. This episode was just fan service… I’m so looking forward to the next episode XD Reki might have more than 5 minutes of air time ^^

    1. Yeah, whether Kinji liked it or not, he was certainly in for a treat. The episode was boring, WE NEED ACTION – and of course like you said, MOAR REKI!!!!

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